F-16 Update: Turkey receives draft proposal from the U.S.

In a statement made by Rear Admiral Zeki Aktürk, the Press and Public Relations Advisor to the Ministry of National Defense (MSB), it was announced that the ministry has received the Draft Offer and Acceptance Letters from the United States.

Publication: 29.02.2024 - 13:46
F-16 Update: Turkey receives draft proposal from the U.S.
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These documents pertain to the procurement of 40 new F-16 Block-70 aircraft and the modernization of the existing fleet of 79 F-16s, along with the necessary ammunition, materials, and equipment, in line with the needs of the Air Force Command.

During a weekly briefing held at the Ministry’s Hasan Tahsin Hall, dedicated to the martyred journalist, Aktürk shared updates on various defense and security matters. He reported that operations conducted over the last week in northern Iraq and Syria had successfully neutralized 25 terrorists, bringing the total number of terrorists neutralized since January 1, 2024, to 483, with 193 in Iraq and 290 in northern Syria.

Aktürk also commemorated the heroes of the Spring Shield Operation on its fourth anniversary, honoring the memory of the fallen and wishing well-being and happiness to the veterans who played a crucial role in securing our borders and preventing a humanitarian crisis by averting a new wave of migration.

Highlighting border security efforts, Aktürk revealed that over the past week, 101 individuals attempting to cross the border illegally were apprehended, including four members of terrorist organizations, while 2,384 others were prevented from crossing. Since January 1, a total of 1,448 individuals have been caught trying to cross the border illegally, with 30,015 more being stopped before they could enter.

The ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have violated international law since October 7, have raised serious concerns due to the unprecedented bombing campaigns, leading to numerous civilian casualties and imposing severe restrictions on the Palestinian people. The need for an unconditional and permanent ceasefire in Gaza is critical for both regional and global peace.

Regarding the F-16 acquisition and modernization process, a senior ministry official stated that following the completion of evaluations by both parties, a meeting will be arranged to discuss joint assessments and finalize the agreement. The proposal for Turkey to undertake production and modernization activities has been communicated to US authorities.

Additionally, the same official addressed inquiries about the Eurofighter during Defense Minister Yaşar Güler's visit to the United Kingdom. The Eurofighter issue was indeed part of the discussions, with positive expectations from Germany, a member of the Eurofighter consortium. Technical discussions with UK representatives and the manufacturer are ongoing.

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