Anthony Nwakaeme: "I want to win 10 more championships"

Anthony Nwakaeme, who recently rejoined Trabzonspor with a two-year contract, expressed his desire to win multiple championships with the club. "I want to be a champion again. I would love to win 10 consecutive championships. If the opportunity arises, I would embrace it with both hands," he said.

Publication: 04.07.2024 - 11:28
Anthony Nwakaeme:
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Remarks at the Training Camp

Nwakaeme, Trabzonspor’s Nigerian player, spoke to the media during the team's training camp in Szeged, Hungary, as part of their second phase of preparations for the new season.

Since returning to the team, Nwakaeme said the process has been smooth. "I've met my teammates, including new additions. I already knew 2-3 players from before, and I got the chance to meet the rest during yesterday’s practice. The process has been very pleasant," he remarked.

On Team Competition

Discussing the competition for his position with players like Trezeguet and Orsic, Nwakaeme said, "Such competition is beneficial for the team. Trezeguet, Orsic, and I have all proven our quality. We see this competition as a way to contribute to Trabzonspor, not just a personal challenge. This competition will benefit Trabzonspor."

Comparing Past Experiences

Reflecting on the difference between his previous club in Saudi Arabia and Trabzonspor, Nwakaeme noted, "Wherever I go, I see football as just football. There was a difference between the teams. I left Trabzonspor, a dominant team, and went to a club that wasn't one of the best in the country, playing a more defensive style. I played as a forward there, which was different. I thank my coaches and the president there for the experience. That was the main difference. I consider myself the same player as when I left."

Readiness for the Season

When asked about his readiness, Nwakaeme replied, "It's not easy to give an exact date for when I'll be ready. We will evaluate my condition daily. In such situations, you talk to your coaches and listen to your body. We will see how it goes day by day and decide with the coaches when I will be fully ready."

Championship Aspirations

Regarding Trabzonspor's chances of winning the championship, Nwakaeme said, "Everyone wants to be a champion and fights for it. I want to be a champion again. I would love to win 10 consecutive championships. If the opportunity arises, I would embrace it with both hands. Nothing is impossible. Everyone's goal is the championship."

Praise for Coach Abdullah Avcı

Speaking about his previous experience with head coach Abdullah Avcı, Nwakaeme added, "We were together during the championship season. I knew the coach even before that season. He is a determined coach who always wants to win and knows what he wants. He likes to control the game. We know what he expects from us, and we will try to implement his teachings and achieve success again."

Fond Memories of Trabzon

Nwakaeme also expressed how much he missed everything about Trabzon during his time away. "I can say I missed the sound our fans make in the stadium. I missed the atmosphere and the desire to win. When I think of Trabzon, the first thing that comes to mind is football. I missed playing here," he said.

He mentioned his attempt to watch the national team's match the previous day. "I tried to watch the match but couldn’t. I congratulate Uğurcan and the team; they are doing very well in the tournament. I want to congratulate the national team, especially Uğurcan," he concluded.