Heaters of the world can't warm our hearts anymore!

14 Ocak 2024 Pazar

In Kahramanmaraş, Infantry Contracted Private Müslüm Özdemir, who survived the earthquake, was killed in PKK attacks in the Claw-Lock Operation area in northern Iraq. He lost his life in a conflict that broke out with terrorists trying to infiltrate a base.

The sad news was delivered to his mother Ümmihani and father Ali Özdemir in the tent they have been living in since the earthquake. After the incident, ten electric heaters were left in the tent where the family stayed, and Turkish flags were hung around the tent area. The Kahramanmaraş Governorship also announced that a house would be provided to the grieving family as soon as possible.

No heater can warm the heart of a mother and father who lost their only son due to terrorism! A young man who dreamed of buying a house for his parents before getting married, and went to the army for this dream, has now vanished...


Almost a year has passed since the February 6 earthquake, and yet, aren't you ashamed of those who still fail to provide sheltered homes to people in this cold, rainy, snowy weather?

Aren't you ashamed of those who claimed they would settle everyone in permanent housing within 12 months?

Aren't you ashamed, those who saw the photo of the mother sitting bowed in front of the tent upon hearing the news of her son's death, and then left that woman there with heaters?

Will you send a hefty bill for heating costs a few months later to those forced to live in tents? Aren't you ashamed?

Those who couldn't even think of taking the family to a guest house or a warm home, aren't you ashamed?

Those who don't contemplate the reason for the death of children from poor families living in mud houses and tents, aren't you ashamed?

In a country where martyr news given to shanty houses is now delivered to tents, aren't you ashamed of those who can't root out PKK terrorism with their wrong policies?

Those who tie Turkey's security to foreign bases and NATO, aren't you ashamed?

The ones like Cengiz Çandar, who say under the roof of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, "YPG is not a terrorist organization", aren't you ashamed?

Aren't you ashamed when, just a few weeks ago, photos showing the condition of the temporary base area in northern Iraq caused public outrage, and now that death news comes from the same region?


I ask these questions, but I also know the answer. If there was any shame, these things wouldn't happen, I know...

The tragedy we are witnessing is frightening. The PKK, acting to destroy the Republic of Turkey under the guidance of imperialism, is fueling divisive strategies to turn the poor against each other within the country.

Faced with the drama in a tent in Kahramanmaraş, piling up all the heaters in the world would no longer warm us inside.

We are now in a spiral of insensitivity and shamelessness, compounded in a morally collapsed society.

This is the moment where words end, and I no longer have the strength to make further comments...

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