United against fascism

10 Temmuz 2024 Çarşamba

Call for Unity

In response to the growing threat of fascism, the left-leaning newspaper Liberation ran a front-page headline on June 10, urging the formation of a "Popular Front." Leftist parties quickly mobilized and began preparations for the early elections set for three weeks later.

Strategic and Informed Voters

The "New Popular Front" (NPF), named after the anti-fascist coalition from nearly a century ago, brought together center-left, socialist, and communist parties, along with associations, organized workers, and democratic society.

In the first round of early general elections on June 30, no party secured the majority of 289 seats in the assembly, but the NRP took the lead with 33.1% of the vote.

In the second round, the left achieved its goal. The left not only united but also coordinated tactics with centrist parties to counter the far-right. This strategy prevented the NRP from becoming the largest party, relegating it to the third position in the assembly. Although the New Popular Front secured 182 seats, it's noteworthy that the far-right increased its seat count by 60%. Nevertheless, it was a historic election in terms of distancing the NRP from power.

The increased voter turnout, even during a typically holiday period, played a crucial role in this outcome, reflecting the French public's awareness of the fascism threat.

Ultimately, the strategic approach of the left-wing parties and the conscious stance of the public effectively combated fascism.

Lessons from France

In Turkey, the political strategies of the opposition need to be examined, especially considering the ruling AKP's alliance with the MHP since 2018, which has bolstered the rise of fascism.

Reflecting on recent elections, the changes in the election law in 2018 allowed the formation of alliances such as the Cumhur (People's) Alliance and the Millet (Nation) Alliance, leading to today's scenario.

The AKP disregarded the rule of law, altered the regime, and expanded the alliance to include the Great Unity Party, the New Welfare Party, and external support from HÜDA PAR. Meanwhile, the CHP, under Kılıçdaroğlu’s leadership, shifted to the right in an attempt to preserve the Millet Alliance and attract conservative votes, as predicted three years ago.

In the 2023 general elections, the opposition presented the Millet Alliance, which included religious and far-right parties with little public support. This strategy backfired, strengthening the original AKP, which won again through unfair and fraudulent means.

The Emek ve Özgürlük (Labor and Freedom) Alliance, initiated by the HDP, aimed to consolidate leftist and socialist votes under HDP’s influence. However, leftist parties outside this alliance formed the Socialist Power Union but failed to gain momentum.

By learning from these mistakes, we can see how the unity achieved in France within three weeks produced significant results against fascism.

For Turkey, the primary election goal is clear: to prevent the rise of political Islam, which is supported by imperialism and constitutes the real threat. This must be done by uniting with those who genuinely fight to uphold the secular republic and the rule of law.

To act on the slogan "United Against Fascism," a strategic and rational approach is essential at this stage.

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United against fascism 10 Temmuz 2024

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