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29 Haziran 2024 Cumartesi

By invoking Uğur Mumcu’s name, I can better illustrate my point. He was renowned for tirelessly compiling all files, court decisions, and records on a given topic to distinguish truths from lies and traps. In my own field of street and event journalism, when covering highly contentious political or union congresses, it is essential not to rely solely on the answers provided by the involved parties. Even scenes of conflict and confrontation should be observed from a distance.

In large-scale social and political demonstrations and protests, focusing too closely on a specific point or taking the statements of the most responsible individuals as absolute truth can inadvertently mislead the public. It does little good now to understand and unravel the provocations of May 1, 1977, as a significant step towards the September 12 coup, one of the largest internal and external provocations in our history.

What if the parliamentary investigation report containing the most accurate data from the events within the Büyük Otel, the center of these provocations, had not been hidden? What if the majority of our people had understood the deadly traps set by the collaboration between the political power of the time and U.S. provocations? Could the trap to usurp our country's union rights have been set through the September 12 coup?

Dictatorship and its Consequences

Even in the world's most dictatorial regimes, no single leader has ever wielded as much power as the current administration in Turkey. Not content with the powers of the palace, their actions have trampled on rights and legal systems. The crimes resulting from these actions are now unraveling rapidly. As life has turned into a nightmare for the vast majority of our country, the results of the local elections, driven by growing grassroots discontent, are clear. Even the most authoritative voices and spokespeople of the palace are struggling to downplay the extent of their defeat, resorting to fear, intimidation, and increasingly harmful and threatening actions to deter the masses.

Efforts to allocate public resources even minimally to the right cause are overshadowed by a relentless drive of unchecked anger. The cycle of injustices and unlawful contributions to the plunder system is exploding. Before the last election, there was the scandal of one person holding multiple positions; now, illegal appointments, favoritism, and swindles are increasing daily. Could the flurry of dirty news about the plunder system be a desperate hope for relief in the face of weariness and hopelessness?

What a significant delusion. It is now said that even the staunchest supporters and the followers of religious sects are among those who find the situation unbearable.

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The North Star stance... 29 Haziran 2024

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