Time for change and a fresh breath

06 Temmuz 2024 Cumartesi

In the recent, albeit unofficial, election results in England, the Labour Party is set to take power with a significant margin. While these election results may not directly impact our country, they hold importance when we consider the broader global context. The increasing disregard for human rights and the natural world, coupled with rising social injustices, has brought us to this point.

In our country, the severity of the problems we face mirrors the global issues but with even graver consequences. Our poor human rights record, increasing poverty, and inequality, and the politicization of religion have all pushed us further behind. Reflecting on England's democratic heritage, it's important to remember the significant and meaningful resistance led by the Labour Party and trade unions against the negative developments post-1980. These struggles included contributions from various social movements, including labor, leftist political organizations, scientific communities, and women's groups. While detailing these struggles in a short column may seem unnecessary, they underscore the importance of the current moment of change.

The most critical lesson for us is the undeniable and multifaceted losses our society has suffered over the years. Comparing the harsh realities that forced English voters to change their votes with our situation reveals an alarming speed of decline. People tend to react most strongly to issues that directly affect their lives, which is why the situation in England resonates with many.

Our journalist friends living in England have been sharing their insights, and their concerns about our situation remain high. Observing the dire state of life here, they continue to worry deeply about the increasing negativity affecting every aspect of life. This is precisely why I titled today's article "Time for Change and a Breath of Fresh Air." Despite the burdens of suffering imposed on the public by a stubbornly oppressive regime, no meaningful steps have been taken to alleviate these issues.

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