Are We in a Transition Period Like the 1960's?

25 Haziran 2024 Salı

Even in the routine news rankings like "The holidays are over, where were we?" we see rents, hikes, taxes, and the high expectations of retirees and workers leading to inevitable disappointments. New, outrageous negative developments make us long for the pre-holiday status quo. On top of this, nature's rebellion and the explosion of crimes committed for dirty human interests, including murders, compound the situation.

Additionally, the local elections in Turkiye revealed the striking undercurrents of societal upheaval, an unstoppable force of individual and collective rebellion. These upheavals are not limited to our country but are occurring worldwide, causing political and social turmoil. If we are expected to blindly touch on only one part of the colossus, then woe to us.

Recently, through various sources, I had the chance to witness the developments in the 1960's, which we thought we knew well, through concrete, documented testimonies. Acknowledging the significant positive advancements our country has achieved in terms of rights and gains, it is invaluable to learn lessons from well-documented, historically accurate accounts.

The more accurate and just conclusions we can draw from irreversible social and political events and the correct interpretation of historical experiences, the healthier and more accurate outcomes we can achieve in our future endeavors and stances. If we are indeed experiencing a critical transition where nothing can continue as it was, shouldn't we also have the responsibility to stand in the right place at the right time, avoiding emotional aberrations?

The era of "deaf, mute and blind" is over. Whether it affects us or not, we must first strive to understand everything that impacts humans, living beings, our country, and our world correctly. Then, we must take our place in the correct positions, on the correct fronts, to the best of our ability. The protection through hiding have vanished. We are in times when even the security of our sacred home, family, and country is at risk.

Even in the stubbornly remaining agricultural practice of stubble burning, continued out of blind ignorance or dirty profit motives, our forests are burning, and people are dying. If a massacre targeting an ex-wife and children can occur in a single news report, as it did yesterday morning in Turkiye, the culprits must be sought within the network of protection extending to the top of the government, in religious sects, and within the operations of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkiye. The judicial and legal systems that protect and reward killers must be held accountable.

Amidst the weight of painful news, the soaring prices, and the numerical data of hardships dragging us into deeper poverty, we are unable to process these figures mentally as they fly by. The only reality we know is the day-by-day regression of our lives, the poverty, and deprivation we are forced to endure. Did you check the first news on the first working day after the holiday? The closest allies of DİSK, Türk-İş, and the Palace... Could they be seen lining up?

The flow of water cannot be stopped...

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