Geert Wilders' unstoppable rise

26 Kasım 2023 Pazar

Marilyn Monroe, Mozart, Captain Peroxide/Oxygen...

These are nicknames given to Geert Wilders due to his grotesque hair.

Wilders, who brands himself as a pure 'white European,' is far from it.

His grandmother hails from Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country and a former Dutch colony. Rumors suggest his wife is of Turkish-Hungarian descent.

Wilders’ elder brother, Paul, says, 'In reality, everyone in our family is an immigrant.' He recalls Geert was intolerant character during his childhood, noting a slight maturation during his six-month stint in a kibbutz in Israel, yet he still can't stand opposition.

It's not hard to see that Wilders is unbalanced at first glance.

Despite his security-laden life due to his generalizing and demeaning war on Islam, he identifies as the 'common citizen's spokesperson.'

His brother highlights this apparent contradiction, saying, 'Geert’s world has been very small for years: just the parliament, official activities, and home.'

Wilders lacks a family and relatives to bridge his gap with the outside world.

From his Instagram photos, we understand he only has cats...

A postmodern Çiller example 

Look where experienced Western democracies have come!

In an era of significant social transformations, a person, confined to his tiny jar with obsessive ideas, stands on the brink of political change that could reshape the Old Continent.

Various European right-wing figures like Le Pen, Meloni, Salvini, Orban, and the Vox party applaud this 'dazzling victory of changing times.'

Mainstream politics and media, alas, are in shock!

Yet, there is really no situation to be shocked about...

Marine Le Pen has been in France's presidential races since 2011.

Trump, supposedly past his 'sell-by date,' plans a 2024 White House return as if the Capitol riot never happened.

Since 2006, Wilders, known for scandalous statements, emerged as the leading party in the Netherlands' midweek elections with a quarter of the votes.

The expected top party, led by Turkish-origin Dilan Yeşilgöz’s liberals, settled for third place.

The only leader openly refusing to collaborate with Wilders, former EU Commission President Frans Timmermans, took second place.

Having taken over liberal party leadership from three-term Prime Minister Mark Rutte, but leaving the door open for a coalition with Wilders, Yeşilgöz is now considered the election's primary loser.

Normalization of fascism

Observers note that Yeşilgöz, distinguished as a highly ambitious politician, lost her party's altitude by both echoing Wilders’ anti-immigration rhetoric and leaving a coalition door ajar for him.

Ironically, a Muslim-Turkish leader offered a fervent anti-immigrant politician opportunities beyond his wildest dreams. Political analysts say voters don’t favor a copy (Yeşilgöz) over the original, as we well know from our 'national and local Turkish policy.'

Wilders' success isn't solely due to the Dutch postmodern Çiller.

The Ukrainian war fatigue in crisis-stricken Europe, rising living costs, and the Israel-Palestine conflict, equated with Muslim support for Hamas, are factors amplifying support for Wilders.

What comes next will be determined by exploratory talks among parties, each securing around 24% and 15% of votes, respectively.

Forming Rutte's last government took nine months.

With the 2024 European Parliament elections looming, a swifter formation of the new government is hoped for.

Should Wilders ascend to the premiership, expect the media's language to evolve into a careful, selective, and nuanced discourse, much like the recent 'center-right positioning' of Meloni.

Indeed, Le Pen celebrates Wilders' success as a 'normalization' within the mainstream, marking the step-by-step normalization of the far-right in Europe.

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