The path of Cumhuriyet Newspaper

11 Mayıs 2024 Cumartesi

Since the beginning of May, we have started celebrating the 100th anniversary of our newspaper, which was established on May 7, 1924, through the suggestion and contributions of Atatürk. We aim to continue these celebrations throughout the year.

Reactionaries and opportunists of every era have always troubled the Republic established in 1923 and Cumhuriyet newspaper.

If you listen to either group, you would hear that the 1923 Republic is a dictatorship filled with prohibitions and oppression. Cumhuriyet newspaper has been accused of similar attitudes because it is a publication of this Republic!

The stance of the reactionaries never changes because they oppose the revolution and all the advancements and enlightenment it has brought.

As for the opportunists... Their contribution is nothing but pointless chatter, lacking historical awareness, infused with inferiority complex and collaborationism. Add to this their resentment towards Cumhuriyet newspaper, and it becomes clear what this group represents.

Over the past 100 years, counter-revolutionaries have targeted both Republics with various assaults but have not managed to destroy them.

The recent local elections have proven that the majority of the population supports the 1923 Revolution and believes that reactionaries are incapable of governing the country.

Despite all economic and political pressures, Cumhuriyet newspaper has continued to maintain its historical stance in its field, almost uniquely.

The historical process is clear: From the collaborator, reactionary Democrat Party (DP) government period to the March 12 coup, from the brink of civil war in the 1970s to the fascism of September 12, Cumhuriyet newspaper has been at the forefront of resistances against all oppressive and reactionary administrations, and has been a window opening Turkey to the left, to freedom, equality, and fraternity.

On March 12, its writers were tortured. On September 12, including its owner, its writers faced investigations and imprisonments, yet Cumhuriyet newspaper continued to be the voice of those who suffered and were oppressed.

The same applies today under the current Palace regime. Cumhuriyet is still determined to stand and resist in the interests of the people.

Let the reactionaries and opportunists try to demean and belittle Cumhuriyet newspaper, which has contributed to the country’s culture, arts, politics, social development, and intellectual life throughout its 100 years of publication...

As the saying goes, advice to the mad and soap to the coal, what good will it do?

Cumhuriyet newspaper will continue to walk the path of reason it believes in, upholding Atatürk's legacy, the Republic's Reforms, the people's benefits, world peace, with its conscious readers, virtuous employees, and determined administrators.

Happy 100th anniversary to our newspaper.


The 100th-year ceremonies held in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir since the start of this week have once again shown how inclusive, reliable, and respected Cumhuriyet is as an institution.

The ceremonies, which saw high-level participation from the business sector to the labor sector, from democratic mass organizations to professional chambers, from sports to diplomacy, and from politics to the fields of culture and arts, demonstrated the unshakable foundations of our newspaper Cumhuriyet.

Congratulations to the Cumhuriyet family.

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