Defender of the demonizers

29 Haziran 2024 Cumartesi

Our readers know well that Yusuf Tekin, at the end of last year, declared that the Ministry of National Education would continue to sign protocols with sects and religious communities that he considers "civil society organizations."

And he is doing exactly that...

A study conducted at Atatürk University, titled "Reasons for Participation and Environments of Sects/Communities from the Perspectives of Their Members," provides some clues about these so-called civil society organizations that Tekin supports.

According to the study, which takes a positive view of these sects and communities, the members equate Sharia with the sect, defining the sect as the path to Sharia. They see themselves as bound to the sheikh, attributing miracles and divine qualities to him, and essentially deifying him. They say, "He who has no sheikh is the devil's sheikh."

The study also clearly shows that there is no democratic structure within these sects and communities, unlike in actual civil society organizations. For example, a 30-year-old woman pursuing a master's degree and identifying as a Nurcu describes her community as follows:

"A community is a group of people with the same views, containing politics, financial gain, factionalism, partisanship, and otherness."

Another community member provides this assessment:

" cannot express opposing views within the community. If you do, you are first criticized and then ostracized from the community."

The study concludes, "According to the data, sects/communities unite those under their roof with a sense of 'us,' while, by their very nature, equally marginalizing those outside their groups."

A minister who considers structures that demonize and marginalize others, excluding secular and democratic life, as "civil society organizations" is imposing an ummah-oriented education program on our children.

This is unacceptable.

Legal Complaint Against Yusuf Tekin

The Atatürkist Thought Association recently filed a legal complaint with the public prosecutor against Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin, who designed the education program, highlighting two significant points:

  1. Violation of Article 42 of the Constitution, which regulates the "right to education and training" and stipulates that education must be conducted in accordance with Atatürk's principles and reforms and contemporary science and education principles.
  2. Despite having the duty to elevate Turkish society above the level of contemporary civilization, the new curriculum disregards fundamental principles such as secularism, thereby attempting to "abolish the order prescribed by the Constitution," an offense that carries a life sentence under the Turkish Penal Code.

Background of the Murder

The repercussions of the murder of nationalist Sinan Ateş are escalating, particularly in the political sphere.

While it is crucial to uncover all the truths about the perpetrators through ongoing investigations and trials, it is equally important to ensure that the political, domestic, and international mafia, and dirty relations involved in the backdrop of the murder, are not glorified or exonerated.

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