Why was Uğur Mumcu murdered?

23 Ocak 2024 Salı

Dear readers, tomorrow marks the anniversary of Uğur Mumcu's cowardly assassination by religious fascists.

Uğur Mumcu, a valuable journalist, writer, and both my friend and ideological companion was murdered to bring Turkey to its present state:

Uğur's assassination was the culmination of a series of murders committed by imperialists and their minions, religious and ethnic terrorists, to destabilize Turkey and bring it to its current structure.

The Interior Minister at the time, Sadettin Tantan, captured his killers and shared this truth with the public in an interview with Işık Kansu:

"These were dormant organizations that had been previously trained, emerging through this operation.

Especially after the revolution in Iran, these organizations had been trained in Turkey and then put to sleep to be used in Turkey over the years.

Among these dormant organizations, some who participated in the headscarf movement emerged. In fact, it was understood that there could be many more organizations that had been put to sleep earlier."

In summary, Turkey was 'designed' with political assassinations!

Our Editor-in-Chief Mine Esen summarized Uğur Mumcu's self-description yesterday:

I am a Kemalist,

I am a Republican,

I am secular,

I am anti-imperialist,

I am in favor of a fully independent Turkey,

I am a human rights defender,

I am against terrorism,

I am the enemy of obscurantists, profiteers, and opportunists.

Uğur, of course, had even more qualities as an individual:

He was intelligent, hardworking,

Honest, honorable,

A good thinker, a good writer, a good investigative journalist,

A patriot, a Socialist,

Brave, combative,


Today, I want to remember our dear Uğur Mumcu with a folk poem written by one of our readers:



You had no equal, nor anyone similar,

How could your place ever be filled?

All your work became the property of the people,

See the love of the people, Uğur Mumcu.

They wish no one to realize anything,

The enlightened should not think, the pen should not write,

They should not awaken the people and spoil their plans,

They wish to perpetuate blindness, Uğur Mumcu.

You did not unjustly oppose the bigots,

For fifty years, you never made a wrong step,

You did not sell your honor or your pen,

You were a hero to the people, dear Uğur Mumcu.

Now it's fashionable to paint in every color,

To lie down as a leftist and wake up as a rightist,

How hard it is to endure your absence,

My heart burns like an ember, Uğur Mumcu.

You had sensed the head of the snake,

You had fearlessly written the truth,

You were neither intimidated nor brought to your knees,

You were unique in the world, one Uğur Mumcu.

While defending the interests of your people,

You were the fear of many a thieving fox,

With your stance, you were the pride of your country,

You made a place in hearts, Uğur Mumcu.

You were a National Forces member, wearing a Kalpak,

The conscience and intellect of the nation,

They silenced you because you were right,

Being a true intellectual is hard, Uğur Mumcu.

You used to say that without knowledge, thought cannot exist,

You supported the right, condemned the wrong,

You gave your life for this sacred cause,

Dedicated to this cause, every Uğur Mumcu.

The promises of honor given after you

Fail to replace you and weigh heavily on us,

You scattered many secrets into the open,

Give your pen to the youth, Uğur Mumcu.

I pour out my enlightened heart and speak,

I tear my heart out of pain and speak,

I declare the obvious killers,

Silence is a disgrace to the enlightened, Uğur Mumcu.

Note; Tomorrow at 20:00, I will give a conference on Uğur Mumcu at the Kadıköy Caddebostan Cultural Center.

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