When the state collapses, everything becomes tainted!

28 Kasım 2023 Salı

The state was brought down...

A new one couldn't be established...

Everything got dirty.


The principle of "Merit" was destroyed...

Replaced by the principle of "Loyalty":

Thus, the pollution was accelerated; cleaning became impossible!


First, the judiciary was seized in alliance with the Community; justice was contaminated.

All justice institutions, appellate courts, local courts were tied to politics.

State Security Courts were abolished, but in their place, first Special Authority Courts, then Peace Criminal Judges were introduced.

Horizontal transfers from party organizations to the judiciary were made.

While rapists of girls and boys, women murderers were protected, journalists were thrown into jail.

Even the Supreme Court, which is obliged to comply with the Constitution, joined the institutions violating the Constitution by not complying with the decisions of the Constitutional Court and filing criminal complaints against its members.

Eventually, the judiciary became a tool for the power's oppression over the opposition and media and turned into a system operating with bribery. (I am not saying this, a Republic Chief Prosecutor is officially stating it.)


Through the Supreme Election Council (YSK), referendums contrary to Parliamentary Democracy were held, and the regime was changed with vote counts contrary to the law.

A significant part of the Parliament's powers were given to the President.

Parliamentary oversight over the government was destroyed.

All executive powers were directly linked to the President himself.


Dirty justice tainted civil and military bureaucracy, national education, universities, and media:

In civil and military bureaucracy, purges were made with Silivri Trials and statutory decrees.

Undersecretary positions in the bureaucracy were abolished, replaced by Deputy Ministries operating like party commissioners.

The Court of Accounts' powers were limited and restricted.

The Ministry of Finance Inspectorate and Accountancy Expertise were abolished.

The Procurement Law was changed more than 180 times according to the special requirements of tenders.

In military bureaucracy, promotion and assignment rules, waiting periods were changed.

Force Commands were taken from the General Staff and linked to the Ministry of National Defence.

National Education was linked to the Directorate of Religious Affairs and foundations and associations related to religious orders.

Through the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), all universities were brought directly under the power of the government.

More than 90% of the media was brought under the command of the government, and the rest were oppressed.


With the contamination of the security bureaucracy, mafia, bribery, and smuggling became widespread.

International mafia organizations were based in Turkey, and their feud murders spread to shopping malls.

While Turkey was a transit station for drug trafficking, it became one of its target markets.


The country's finance and economy were also tainted and brought to bankruptcy.

Broad masses of people were condemned to hardship and poverty.


Not only the power remained under the collapsed state; the people also started to struggle for survival under this rubble.

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