50 reasons to vote for İmamoğlu

01 Şubat 2024 Perşembe

My Tuesday article titled "DIVIDE AND RULE" received the reaction I sought from readers:

A portion of my readership has become more aware of the danger.

The discussion centers on why those who supported İmamoğlu in 2019 should not divide their votes in 2024.

For instance, one of my readers sent a letter listing reasons to remind Istanbul residents of İmamoğlu's services, aiming to raise awareness.

I am publishing it with slight modifications and some additions (I have made changes to the list, hence I haven't used the reader's name even though I had permission).

1. To prevent the lives of Istanbul residents from being darkened

2. To stop the siphoning of Istanbul's resources to the AKP Oligarchy

3. To say "stop" to the Kanal Istanbul disaster

4. To prevent districts that do not vote for the ruling party from being deprived of services as a punishment

5. For the preservation of green spaces

6. To ensure municipal tenders are not given to religious sects or affiliated companies at exorbitant prices

7. To prevent the sale of municipal properties for far less than their worth

8. To avoid pleasing the taxi mafia

9. To prevent businesses disfavored by the ruling party from being denied licenses as a form of punishment

10. For municipal aid intended for those in real need not to be distributed to party members

11. For the free celebration of our Republic's symbolic national holidays

12. To stop the transportation of people to political rallies using municipal vehicles

13. To prevent regressive forces from being supported with municipal resources

14. To ensure pro-government and untruthful media organizations are not nourished by Istanbulites' resources

15. For the prevention of zoning plans that make Istanbul unlivable

16. To ensure zoning plans serve the public's interest, not construction mafias'

17. For KIPTAS to become even more effective and protect citizens from TOKI grievances

18. For the continuation and increase of student scholarships

19. For the maintenance and increase of opened dormitories

20. For the maintenance and increase of city restaurants

21. For city squares to be redesigned fittingly for Istanbul

22. To continue hiring competent personnel

23. To prevent the reoccupation of coastlines that have been liberated

24. For urban transformation to be managed in the interest of the public

25. For historical artifacts to be restored authentically and affordably

26. To not grant overseas scholarships to political affiliates

27. To not pay salaries to political affiliates for unperformed work

28. To prevent municipal resources from being allocated to refugees

29. To prevent municipal resources from being allocated to religious sects

30. For the continuation of free cultural and arts activities accessible to Istanbul residents

31. For the increase of cultural and arts centers

32. To prevent harm to street animals

33. To prevent the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from falling under the control of contractors

34. To ensure that corruption does not resurge

35. For the expansion of sea transportation efforts

36. To prevent valuable shipyard areas from being handed over to the Arab capital

37. For the continuation of metro and Metrobus services operating until late hours

38. For the use of IMM billboards for the benefit of Istanbul residents

39. For the continuation and increase of efforts empowering women through education

40. For the increase of sports facilities that steer youth away from harmful habits

41. For the survival of Individual Employment Offices and the ability to find more unemployed people jobs

42. For the continuation of seed, sapling, and fertilizer support to Istanbul farmers

43. For the products of Istanbul farmers to reach the market at fair prices for both consumers and farmers

44. To prevent Istanbul from being governed by the orders of a single person from Ankara

45. For the increase of cultural and living spaces like museums, Gazhane, Basilica Cistern, Tunnel Metrohan

46. For the continuation of milk aid directed at more than 200,000 children

47. For the expansion of Halk Ekmek (Public Bread) activities

48. To avoid encountering infrastructure deficiencies that lead to flood disasters again

49. For the rehabilitated Golden Horn and Froggy Creek not to become polluted and smelly again

50. To secure water resources appropriate for Istanbul's growing needs


Due to space constraints, I've limited the list to 50 services.

Istanbul residents can extend this list to 100!

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