King Charles' early cancer diagnosis, PM Sunak shares optimism

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed hope for King Charles' full recovery after an early cancer diagnosis, as global leaders sent messages of support to the 75-year-old monarch.

Publication: 06.02.2024 - 12:50
King Charles' early cancer diagnosis, PM Sunak shares optimism
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Buckingham Palace disclosed on Monday that King Charles, who ascended the throne less than 18 months ago following Queen Elizabeth's passing, is undergoing treatment for a "form of cancer," leading to postponed public engagements.

Prince Harry, distanced from the royal family, plans to return to Britain, while Prince William, the heir apparent, will assume some royal duties in his father's stead. Sunak, speaking to BBC radio, conveyed his shock and sadness but remained thankful for the early detection of the illness. "All our thoughts are with him and his family," he said.

Despite his health challenges, Charles intends to continue his duties as much as possible, including his weekly meetings with the Prime Minister and managing state affairs. Sunak confirmed regular communication with the King and assured that their work together would proceed as usual.

Charles began outpatient treatment after a recent hospital stay for a benign enlarged prostate procedure uncovered the cancer. The Palace, while ruling out prostate cancer, has not provided further details.

This unexpected diagnosis has captured the nation's attention, with headlines such as "Nation's shock as treatment starts" from The Sun newspaper reflecting public concern. This period marks another challenging chapter for Charles, following Prince Harry's explosive memoir "Spare" and allegations against Prince Andrew's connections with Jeffrey Epstein.

Harry is en route from California, where he resides with Meghan Markle and their children, informed of his father's condition along with other family members. Meanwhile, Kate, the Princess of Wales, is recuperating from a non-cancerous abdominal surgery, anticipating a return to duties post-Easter. The absences of key royal figures will increase the workload on other royals, spotlighting the challenges of a streamlined monarchy envisioned by Charles.

In the wake of Queen Elizabeth's death and recent family controversies, the British public had hoped for stability. The Daily Telegraph's editorial echoes a national sentiment for the King's swift recovery, emphasizing the unpredictability of health issues even for those diligent about their well-being.

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