Jeffrey Epstein case: Clinton, Prince Andrew implicated in sex trafficking network

American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison casts a shadow on a high-profile case involving former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, linked to a child abuse and sex trafficking network. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's partner, faces 20 years in prison, raising serious questions about the involvement of prominent figures in the scandal.

Publication: 04.01.2024 - 12:39
Jeffrey Epstein case: Clinton, Prince Andrew implicated in sex trafficking network
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Jeffrey Epstein, an American billionaire, was detained in the U.S. on charges of child abuse, pedophilia, and running a prostitution network. He was found dead in his prison cell. The high-profile case involved former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell faced accusations of sexually abusing numerous individuals, including minors and engaging in human trafficking.

A public disclosure of names linked to Maxwell’s case was ordered. Maxwell, the daughter of British media tycoon Robert Maxwell, had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her crimes with Epstein, as reported by the BBC. The list of associated individuals includes both the accused and potential witnesses.

Judge Loretta Preska noted that many of the names were already public, and there was little opposition to releasing the documents. Johanna Sjoberg alleged that Prince Andrew harassed her in 2001 at Epstein's home in Manhattan. Virginia Giuffre claimed she was presented to Prince Andrew for sex by Epstein when she was 17, which under U.S. law classifies her as a child. Prince Andrew has consistently denied these allegations, a stance supported by Buckingham Palace, which declared the claims "categorically untrue."

Clinton's team severed ties with Epstein before the investigation and stated that Clinton was unaware of Epstein's criminal activities. During the early 2000s, Clinton, known for his philanthropy, reportedly traveled to Africa on humanitarian trips on Epstein's plane. Court documents reveal that Sjoberg testified Epstein once implied Clinton "preferred young girls." This claim emerges years after Clinton's acknowledged relationship with a 22-year-old White House intern during his presidency.