2026 NATO summit to be held in Turkiye

The NATO Declaration announced that the 2026 summit will be hosted in Turkiye.

Publication: 11.07.2024 - 12:16
2026 NATO summit to be held in Turkiye
Abone Ol google-news

At the summit in the U.S., attended by President Erdoğan, military support for Ukraine was discussed. The NATO Declaration confirmed that the 2026 summit will take place in Turkiye.

The first session of the NATO Heads of State and Government Summit commenced in Washington, D.C. Discussions included military support for Ukraine amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict and policies regarding China. President Erdoğan was present at the meeting. Sweden participated in the NATO summit as a full member for the first time. According to the NATO Declaration, the 2025 summit will be held in the Netherlands, followed by Turkiye in 2026.

The Declaration also stated that Allies will provide at least $40 billion in funding to Ukraine next year. Additionally, a call was made for China to end its support for Russia's war in Ukraine.