The capital of faith and culture: Bursa

Bursa, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, is Turkey's capital of faith and culture. As the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, this city mesmerizes its visitors with its magnificent historical structures, delicious cuisine, and traditional handicrafts.

Publication: 07.03.2024 - 12:28
The capital of faith and culture: Bursa
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Located in Turkey's Marmara Region, Bursa is a city rich in history and culture. Having hosted the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa has preserved its importance through its historical legacy. The city stands out with its numerous historical buildings, old bazaars, and various religious centers. Additionally, Bursa's rich cuisine makes it a significant center for gastronomy tourism. Here are some highlights to visit in Bursa...


  • Bursa Grand Mosque: Known for its 20 magnificent domes, Bursa Grand Mosque is one of the first symbols that come to mind when thinking of Bursa. Located in the Hanlar District, one of the most visited places in the Osmangazi district, the mosque enchants both local and foreign tourists with its grandeur. Constructed in 1400, it was renovated after an earthquake in 1855.
  • Koza Han: Situated in a beautiful location within walking distance between Bursa Grand Mosque and Orhan Gazi Mosque, Koza Han is a staple of Bursa city tours. Built during the reign of Bayezid II in 1491, Koza Han, with its two-story cut stone architecture, is considered one of the finest examples of Ottoman-era works. It derives its name from the centuries-old sale of silk cocoons conducted there.
  • Green Mosque: The Green Mosque and Green Tomb are regarded as some of the finest examples of early Ottoman architecture. Located in the Green Mosque district in the center of Bursa and constructed in 1419 during the reign of Sultan Mehmed I, the Green Mosque is one of the rare reverse T-plan mosques in Turkey and among the most visited mosques in Bursa.
  • Muradiye Complex: Built between 1425 and 1426, the Muradiye Complex is one of Bursa’s most important historical values. It includes a mosque, a madrasa, a soup kitchen, a bathhouse, and tombs. Visiting the Muradiye Complex offers a close look at some of the most striking examples of early Ottoman architecture.
  • Long Bazaar: As Bursa's oldest bazaar, Long Bazaar has been one of the city's main shopping spots since the first half of the 15th century. Located in the Osmangazi Nalbantoğlu neighborhood and described by Evliya Çelebi in his books as having over 100,000 shops, Long Bazaar is just a short walk from the city center, north of Koza Han.
  • Bursa Grand Bazaar: Bursa Grand Bazaar, situated near the Grand Mosque, is a first stop for both local and international tourists exploring the city. Serving mostly jewelry shops, Bursa Covered Bazaar has successfully preserved its centuries-old historical texture. In its 130 shops, you can explore hundreds of products, from regional textile items to gold and silver jewelry, antiques to handmade art pieces.


  • İskender Kebap
  • İnegöl Meatballs
  • Muradiye Soup
  • Cantık
  • Bursa Kebab
  • Meatballs with Turkish pizza
  • Meat with Celery
  • Kemalpaşa Dessert
  • Chestnut Candy
  • Milk Halva

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