Journey to Amasra: Discovering the Black Sea's hidden paradise

Nestled along Turkey's Black Sea coast, Amasra is a hidden paradise rich in historical treasures, natural beauty, and hospitable locals. This enchanting town, with roots stretching back to Ancient Greece, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, historical wealth, and warm-hearted residents.

Publication: 07.02.2024 - 15:20
Journey to Amasra: Discovering the Black Sea's hidden paradise
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As a charming destination on Turkey's Black Sea coast, Amasra attracts both domestic and international tourists year-round. In this article, we'll delve into the beauty, historical fabric, and undiscovered secrets of Amasra. Let's embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of this unique destination.

What to Visit in Amasra

Amasra Castle: Also known as Sormagir Castle, Amasra Castle is the town's most iconic landmark. Located in the historic Kaleiçi district on a peninsula offering a postcard-perfect view of the Black Sea, the castle is connected to the mainland by a bridge known as Boztepe Arch. Utilized through various periods from the Genoese to the Ottomans, Amasra Castle, with its walls varying between 65 to 200 meters in height and featuring eight towers, is an architectural masterpiece worth visiting.

Amasra Beach: Situated immediately next to Amasra Castle and the harbor in the town center, Amasra Beach is easily accessible on foot. The beach, approximately 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, boasts fine, golden sands that rival those of the Mediterranean shores. Due to its clean and clear waters, Amasra Beach is a favorite among both local and foreign tourists exploring the town and holidaymakers from surrounding cities, especially bustling during the summer months.

Bird Rock Road Monument: Just 4 kilometers from Amasra, the impressive Bird Rock Road Monument is a must-visit for travelers. The monument, carved into a large rock, features a human figure, a Roman eagle, and two inscriptions. Built in honor of Roman Emperor Claudius (41-54 AD) in the 1st century, the monument was part of the Roman road network and served as a rest and water supply point for Roman soldiers.

Bozköy Beach: Located in the Çakraz district, just 14 kilometers from Amasra's center, Bozköy Beach is among the region's most beloved beaches with its 2 kilometers of pristine waters. The beach, with golden sands and surrounded by pine forests, offers an unforgettable seaside holiday, making it ideal for families with children due to its shallow waters.

Küre Mountains National Park: Situated between the provinces of Bartın and Kastamonu, Küre Mountains National Park is a staple destination for nature trips organized in Amasra. Declared a national park in 2000 and Turkey's 41st, it spans a vast green area of 37 hectares. Surrounding Amasra and other districts such as Azdavay, Pınarbaşı, Ulus, Kurucaşile, and Cide, the park is home to over 2000 plant species and more than 160 mammal species. Within Küre Mountains National Park, visitors can relax and unwind amidst lush forests, waterfalls, canyons, and streams, far from the modern world.

Gürcüoluk Cave: Located just 6 kilometers from Amasra's center within Küre Mountains National Park, Gürcüoluk Cave is among the town's natural wonders worth seeing. Discovered in 1975 and opened to the public in 1996, the cave is 169 meters long and 15 meters wide. Visitors are enchanted by thousands of years old stalactites, stalagmites, columns, dripstones, and travertines inside the cave.

Güzelcehisar Basalt Columns: A must-see natural wonder during Amasra visits, the Güzelcehisar Basalt Columns are located in Bartın's Güzelcehisar district, just 35 kilometers from Amasra. These massive basalt columns, a natural formation along the Black Sea coast, emerged approximately 80 million years ago from the cooling and crystallization of lava from the region's volcanoes. Spanning about 1 kilometer in length and 20 meters in height, the columns' diameters range from 50 to 100 centimeters, with some reaching up to 100 meters in height.

Must-Try Dishes in Amasra

- Amasra Salad

- Çöven Bread

- Amasra Pita

- Honeyed Yogurt

- Pumpkin Burması

- Fresh Fish Varieties