Apple restores EU web apps following regulatory concerns

Apple has decided to restore web apps on the European Union's home screens, retracting its earlier move to block such apps that circumvent its 30% App Store fees by offering subscriptions directly through websites.

Publication: 02.03.2024 - 11:34
Apple restores EU web apps following regulatory concerns
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The reversal, announced on Friday, comes as the company faced regulatory examination from the European Commission. Initially, Apple cited complex security and privacy issues for removing these home screen web apps, which function as standalone apps on devices.

The reintroduction of these apps is slated for the iOS 17.4 update, expected in early March, according to an Apple website post. "Following requests to continue support for Home Screen web apps in iOS within the EU, we will maintain the existing Home Screen web apps capability," Apple stated. This development follows the European Commission's investigation into Apple's actions, scrutinizing the tech giant's compliance with the EU's Digital Markets Act.

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