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08 Mayıs 2024 Çarşamba

Bilal Erdoğan attended a symposium organized on the fifth anniversary of Kadir Mısıroğlu's death, showering him with praises. Who is Mısıroğlu? Known for his insults towards Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, he is often referred to as 'Fesli Kadir.'

Bilal Erdoğan stated that many people still read Mısıroğlu’s books and watch his videos, thus passing his ideas on to new generations.

His videos, which spew hatred towards secularism, the Republic Revolution, and Atatürk, also include intriguing evaluations about the AKP.

For example, in his video dated January 31, 2015, he said:

Menderes is the harbinger for Sir Tayyip. Sir Tayyip is the harbinger for the future Islamic movement. The same contour. Do not expect a complete result from Tayyip Bey today. Do you want to wait? Let there be a leader who governs entirely according to our beliefs. Then, correct the nation! For you are governed as you are.”

While saying that Menderes created Erdoğan, who in turn is the harbinger of the Islamic movement, he mentions that the nation should be steered in the desired direction for this to succeed.


How this should be done is found in Fesli Kadir's video published before the local elections on February 2, 2019. After displaying his animosity towards Kemalism and the Republic, he continued with these words:

“In 1950, the conditions of the world necessitated a transformation. The weapon of the vote was given to the people. The Democrat Party (DP), which relatively granted the wishes of the people, emerged. The religiosity in DP was minimal. Like the eclipse of the sun, there is a hair-like opening at the first moment of opening. This was DP. The following Justice Party thickened that light a bit more, then Özal thickened it further. Sir Tayyip is thickening it even more. The result is the destruction of disbelief, the triumph of Islam. No one can prevent this. The eclipsed sun does not remain so. Surely after the eclipse ends, it begins to open in the opposite direction. Thus, the eclipse of the Islamic sun will also be like this. Our duty is to support those who will accelerate this. Supporting Sir Tayyip today is just that. He is making his own calculations. He says let me attract those who appear both Muslim and Kemalist. A day will come when he will no longer be needed. They are gradually coming to us. Imam-hatip schools are doing this.”

These words show a truth ignored by many because it does not suit them: while the AKP is supported for the demolition of the Republic Revolution, imam-hatip schools are used to shape the populace along this path.


If we do not notice the politicization of education by naming the controversial teaching program change as 'Turkey Century Education Model' and incorporating their own propaganda slogan.

We would just pass over the thinning out of secularism and Atatürk's reforms as 'diluting the subject.'

We fail to see the religiousification of education by placing 'faith' understanding in the Ministry of Education's definition of a student and 'values education' at the center of the teaching program.

We cannot comprehend that the program, ignoring the framework outlined by the Civil Code and confining women to traditional roles, challenges secular and scientific education with religious rules and references.

We may not grasp that the goal of the AKP's minister of national education, who labels religious communities as 'civil society organizations' and aims for a religiously regressive education, is also to marketize it.

It is worth reminding during these days of softening messages. The AKP president, who had hosted the sharia advocate Mısıroğlu, who said, 'No one with even a particle of affection for Mustafa Kemal should come to my funeral! This is my will!' in the Palace and visited him in the hospital, his funeral was attended by AKP members including Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş, Bilal Erdoğan, and the then Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Şentop.

The real purpose of the teaching program change is, as indicated by Fesli Kadir, to turn future generations into unquestioning, obedient masses, thereby creating disciples for the counter-revolution!

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