Campaigning for votes with verses recited

29 Mart 2024 Cuma

He recited the Quran at the Hafiz licensing ceremony; you recited the Quran in a house of mourning.

He initiated a ceremony at the Supreme Court with prayers; you accompanied him.

He implied that secularism was "oppressive" by mentioning "liberal secularism"; you fully embraced it.

He spoke of "divine justice"; although you are the party that incorporated the right to citizenship into the constitution, you continued to speak of "divine justice".

For 22 years, he trampled secularism underfoot by violating the constitution; you just watched.

When one religious community declared its support for him, you criticized; when another community declared its support for you, you remained silent.

While sects and religious communities tightened their grip on the entire society, you extinguished the public's hope by forming alliances with sectarians and political Islamists.

While the most significant issue of the country is the regression in education, you never mentioned in your publicly announced programs that you would dismantle the already legally closed sects and religious communities.

Moreover, one of your MPs went from channel to channel saying that the 1925 Law No. 677, which closed down sects and religious communities, was obsolete; you remained silent.


A prime ministry circular was published, allowing those who wish to take time off without causing work loss if Friday prayer times coincide with working hours; you did not strive for its annulment, and you hindered those who did.

While religious indoctrination in education was accelerating, you voted in favor of the Diyanet Academy Law that revived the madrasa system.

Before the elections, you proposed a law that contradicted secularism by providing constitutional protection for wearing headscarves to gain votes.

Before the general elections on May 14, he went to a mosque and made a conquest call in a rally atmosphere; you remained silent again for fear of losing votes from the religious right if criticized.

You did much more and paved the way for the AKP, which trains disciples for counter-revolution, by sometimes being passive and sometimes directly using religion in the process of dismantling secularism.

As if these were not enough, he recited verses from the podium; eventually, you too recited a verse from the podium in Izmir this week. He ruined the economy by saying "The word of God and the prophet"; based on the verse you recited, you asked for votes on March 31.


No matter how much you claim there has been a change in your party, it seems that the only thing that hasn't changed is the wrong understanding of secularism. Thinking that "the majority of voters in Turkey are right-wing, we need to get their votes," you continued to use religion in politics.

The saddest part is that in doing this, you disregarded a unique legacy left to you and the entire society.

I'm talking about the legacy of secular state left by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of both your party and the secular Republic, who declared 99 years ago, "Gentlemen and nation! Know well that the Republic of Turkey cannot be a country of sheikhs, dervishes, disciples, and followers. The most correct and truest path is the path of civilization. To do what civilization commands and demands is sufficient to be human."

It is a rejection of the inheritance to progress in the direction of political Islam, contrary to Atatürk's establishment and bequeathment of the secular state, instead of embracing and defending the secular state to the end, keeping the revolutionary spirit alive.

There might be those who are angry, thinking, 'Was it necessary to write these before the elections!' I am a journalist who writes the truth. A journalist writes what is happening at the moment, without delay. If not, it means they are making politics.

Moreover, considering that the majority in the media hardly writes a line or speaks on these topics, let a few journalists write about the country's most significant issue.

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