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More than just a punch

18 Aralık 2023 Pazartesi

I will share the light of figures that the punch thrown at referee Halil Umut Meler, which shook our football agenda, was actually more than a punch in my next two articles. Today, the size of the European football market has reached 29.5 billion Euros. The central leagues of Europe are in a hurry to get a bigger financial share from this business. In our country, the annual revenue generated by our football clubs is around 400 million Euros. The economic cost of violence in football is significant...

The global annual cost of football-related violence is estimated to be around 10 billion dollars. It has been observed that sponsorships decrease by around 20 percent following violent incidents.

Violent incidents damage the image of football leagues and teams, leading to significant declines in sponsorship and advertising revenues. Major corporate sponsors do not want their brands to be associated with violence and non-soccer elements.

Violence causes financial damage to football clubs, but it also affects businesses that are external to football. In short, violence causes economic destruction wherever it occurs. Therefore, in order to prevent violence, it is necessary to eliminate the environment that causes it.

Increasing the brand value of our football depends entirely on ratings.

This is because the ratings determine the quality of football in that league. If the league's viewership is low, the monetary income drops. When the monetary income starts to decline, after a while the sporting performance declines. When the sporting performance becomes insufficient, the quality of the league decreases. This, in turn, creates a vicious circle that, after a while, pulls the league's viewership down. And when viewership drops, that league starts to fall off the sponsors' radar. Not only sporting incompetence but also the influence of politics on football plays an important role in the decline in monetary income. The contraction in economic income items makes the financial structures of clubs fragile and disrupts their cash flows.

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More than just a punch 18 Aralık 2023

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