The crimes of modern dictators know no bounds

11 Haziran 2024 Salı

Behind Israel's criminal acts stands the greatest imperial power, America, which often pretends to criticize and oppose but ultimately opens doors for these crimes through back channels. In these deceptive games of dictatorships, there are no limits, no boundaries, and no stops, with our own experts in deceit among them.

On the same news channels, we see contradictory reports that create a smokescreen, making it hard to perceive the truth. Those who believe they uphold the same values are thrown into disarray. Haven't we experienced similar confusion last year during the intense war in Ukraine?

Despite the immediate global transmission of powerful images and striking data of innocent victims being targeted and killed, the crime partnerships of modern dictators remain unchecked. Although the power of societal reactions in favor of human rights cannot be entirely extinguished, it is significantly weakened.

The tragic reality is that, globally, the scale of resistance and uprisings against the increasing brutality of civil dictatorships has not yet led to concrete actions for balancing the scales of humanity. We do not see a repeat of the days when America was brought to heel post-Vietnam syndrome. In the Middle East, the shameful hypocrisy of our own leaders, and their games, overshadow meaningful steps toward humanity and enlightenment.

In the fight for the right to live humanely, our country, among others, is witnessing the rise of pioneering alliances in developing grassroots movements. These successes are amplified by the power of rapid communication, reaching from one end of the world to the other without borders. Even though modern dictators stubbornly believe that their reckless partnerships in crime are their only escape and survival route, the balance of chances is increasingly shifting against them.

In essence, no matter how hard they try to maintain the image of being confident with their egos inflated by years of dirty success, the more their ruthless alliances grow, the more dissent and warning actions spread like wildfire from within their closest circles. In America, the long-standing betrayal of the liberal manifesto, which in plain terms means the rejection of democracy, is causing fractures within the political sphere. In our country and the Middle East, the internal contradictions driving these opposing developments are accelerating outcomes similar to the effects of earthquakes.


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