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Deadly education

10 Mayıs 2024 Cuma

The state of public schools is pitiful... In Ankara, a student stabbed his teacher in the leg. The reason? The teacher had reported the student for smoking to his family... Fortunately, the student's vengeful feelings did not cost the teacher his life. When speaking with educators, they describe various student profiles in public schools. They feel as though they are “trapped” in the schools. “We enter the class, cover the subjects we need to teach, and then we leave. We avoid arguing with the students. Problems that should be resolved within the family spill over into the classroom,” they say.

Gang formation among students is intense, with friendship groups eventually evolving to this point. According to teachers in public schools, numerous children, and therefore many parents, need psychological help. Student fights don't make it to the public agenda, but those with children know. Friendship groups quickly reach different dimensions. This situation rapidly distances students from educational motivation. There is very little discussion about education among the students. With the influence of their adolescence, they can turn to violence against each other and their surroundings. This attitude is intensified by group formations. The lack of psychological guidance opportunities causes them to drift away from education, despite being at school. Issues such as discipline and academic success are especially disregarded in middle schools and high schools.

In a system where failing a grade has become more difficult, everyone can finish school. It seems that in public schools, both teachers and students have been abandoned to their fate.


The situation in public schools is so bad that even families with poor economic conditions are forced to turn to private schools. Some parents make this decision solely for the safety of their child. A significant portion of families also resort to this path especially to alleviate the impositions of the AKP in education. There is a segment that is exhausting all its resources for school fees, taking out loans to educate their children. Families allocating a significant portion of their household budget for their child’s secondary education are exhausted after high school. The rates of going to private universities significantly decrease after high school.

No one is happy. Not the teachers working in state or private schools. Not the students. Those who go to state schools do not receive an education, and those who go to private schools do not develop an educational awareness. The general approach is, “Anyway, I’m studying with my father’s money, I won’t fail.” Thus, a baseless arrogance develops...

There are also retired teachers who cannot live on their pensions, and their situation is very sad. They have to work... Just like our teacher Ibrahim Okutgan, who was killed by his student at the age of 74.

Generations come and go. The grim picture in education does not change. Now, Yusuf Tekin is on the scene. It’s his turn to impose the “new system.” Teachers, whether appointed, not appointed, working, or retired; students going to state or private schools and their families are once again treated like guinea pigs.

Like the power, the fate of education must also change.

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Deadly education 10 Mayıs 2024

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