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How to normalize the opposition?

05 Temmuz 2024 Cuma

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, during the AKP parliamentary group meeting, touched on the topic of softening or normalizing rhetoric in politics. He said, "Our normalization effort is actually an attempt to normalize the opposition. It is the opposition that will open clenched fists. It is the opposition that will correct its language and rhetoric. There can be no political alliance between the ruling party and the main opposition party. There can be reconciliation, normalization, softening, but no political alliance. We are not making such an effort. It is contrary to the nature of a multi-party system. We are trying to achieve a common perspective on issues related to our country, our nation, and the security of our state. We are striving to strengthen the domestic front on issues such as a civilian constitution and foreign policy."

What an astonishing statement! Erdoğan seems to be talking about castrating the opposition. This is his understanding of "normalization"! Why should the opposition open its clenched fists? The opposition, already worn down, is expected to open its fists, bow down, and submit? Such a pathological mindset is unheard of. The opposition is expected to correct its language and rhetoric? Unbelievable! Insults from "slut" to "rotten"! Not even olive oil can rise to the top like this.

If the government acts in accordance with democracy, the constitution, laws, and human and citizen rights, then there would be a softening. But with the AKP and Erdoğan in charge, this is impossible; we have 22 years of witness. Why would CHP want to ally with AKP? Have they lost their minds? For 22 years, you eat and drink, mortgage the country's wealth to foreigners and fanatical Arabs, then sneak out the back door without paying the bill! Where is that abundance of yogurt?

For 22 years, you squander resources, enrich cronies and relatives; inflation breaks world records, the currency is in free fall, the central bank is empty, and then you claim the main opposition wants to ally with you! Nonsense!

"We expect the opposition to approach with an inclusive language. Despite all our sincerity, you see how the opposition responds to our efforts. While we try to be constructive, the CHP leader tries to steer politics into tension, and our nation witnesses this. Our nation sees the increased crude behavior after the courtesy visit."

R.T. Erdoğan has no right to complain with the above statements. How can he say, "Our nation sees the increased crude behavior after the courtesy visit," and look down on the main opposition and its leader from his high tower, treating them like vermin? A "courtesy visit" is a matter of etiquette; it should not be used to boast! Should they have danced and celebrated just because "His Excellency the Chief" paid a visit?

"We want CHP to abandon tension politics. This would benefit our democracy. This does not mean we will tolerate disrespect towards the People's Alliance. Our politeness does not mean we will overlook indecencies. We are gentle, but we are not sheep to be led to the slaughter. Those looking for accomplices should first question whom they are walking with in urban agreements. We avoid engaging in disputes that do not benefit the country. We expect the opposition to normalize. We are open to criticism from the opposition, but we will not tolerate inappropriate language. We will respond in kind. We will not share our success story with anyone."

Such a manner of speech would even break a stone of patience! They will not share their success stories... What a laugh... Who would share in your failure?

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