Mehmet Şimşek's incredible helplessness

05 Mart 2024 Salı

You remember the President's statement. He was commenting in his election speech on the feasibility of granting a flat increase of 7,000 TL to retirees, suggesting, "This would cost 1.6 trillion TL, which the Treasury does not have."

Özgür Özel's simple calculation: "On November 3, 2002, the lowest retirement pension was 1.5 times the minimum wage. By today's calculations, it should be between 25-26 thousand liras. Back then, the lowest retirement pension could buy exactly eight quarters of gold. Now, the lowest retirement pension is 10 thousand liras, not even buying 2.5 quarters of gold."

The minced meat calculation: "In 2018, one thousand liras could buy 22 kilograms of minced meat, today's three thousand liras only buy 6 kilograms. They have stolen 18 kilograms of minced meat from the retiree's table since then."

Not just retirees? Millions of workers earning minimum wage are in the same situation. Trillions of liras have been taken from the workers' pockets.

Erdoğan added, "We will work, we will work hard, we will win, and we will increase your salaries..."

The 1.6 trillion TL is the money taken away from the retirees. Undoubtedly, it is their right. While the poverty line is announced at 16 thousand TL, the fact that the lowest retirement pension is kept at 10 thousand TL shows that the politician no longer even needs to feel embarrassed in front of the public, proving a significant threshold has been crossed.


Erdoğan's promise to enrich you despite the great poverty he has created in the country reminds us of a story by Nasreddin Hoca:

A man asked Nasreddin Hoca to repay his debt.

Hoca said, "I don't have it right now, but I will pay you very soon. I have planted thorns in front of the house! When the sheep flock passes by, their wool will catch on the thorns. My wife will gather this wool, wash it, comb it, spin it, weave it, and I will sell it. That's when I will pay you."

Moreover, unlike the story, the public has not voluntarily lent to the government. Poor management, wastefulness, and deliberately created impoverishment and great inequality have taken trillions from the public through inflation, high prices, and economic crisis...

In other words, the current situation was created with the power of politics and the state it governs.


Listening to Mehmet Şimşek's one-sided statements from a TV screen in the morning. He was trying to deny his warning speeches about the economic difficulties that the opposition will face after April 1, saying that no one will encounter surprise taxes, etc.

It was clear Şimşek had set up the program, aiming to prevent a major backlash from the electorate in the local elections.

Even this program showed the government's fear of the ballot box.

He kept saying "Generally... Generally... Generally..." to deny new taxes.

But what about specifically? What will happen to the prices of goods and services whose prices are determined entirely by the government, such as gasoline and natural gas, through special taxes, etc.?

Şimşek, saying, "I am in talks with the world, after the elections, there will be big investments coming into Turkey," was hitting a credibility low.


Is it because you will turn the country into the world's thornless rose garden after the election, promising enormous profits?

For the first time, TÜİK accurately announced the monthly inflation rate, even higher than ENAG's.

Mahfi Eğilmez commented:

"Is a transparent inflation rate being established to set the stage for an agreement with the IMF?"

I wouldn't be surprised, their only condition to escape the crisis might be to impoverish the people even further and then turn the wheels with a loan of around 100 billion dollars from the IMF...

Şimşek's only solution and prescription could be this.

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