Destroying talent, surrendering the country to outsiders

28 Ocak 2024 Pazar

The government's indifferent and arbitrary attitude towards our scientific forces, with a stance of "let them go if they go" and doing everything possible to encourage their departure, is undoubtedly one of the most debated issues.

While a large part of the country feels the pain of this and reacts, 35% of AKP voters, those who support the MHP, and ideologically obsessed individuals who enter the Parliament under the wing of the government, remain silent.

This indifference, lack of love for the country, and thoughtlessness about the future is a widespread problem.

It's an outward manifestation of deep-rooted ignorance in society.

In most political governments, especially right-wing and far-right ones, there was never any enthusiasm or policy for developing the country's intellectual capabilities.

The country's scientific institutions have been seized, dismantled, manipulated, and silenced by political and ideological obsessions.


When the Republic was founded, there was a desperate shortage of wise, scientific, thoughtful, artistic, literary, and engineering minds. Without these elements, without a class of people capable of advancing a country in all aspects, development, liberation, production, and modernization are impossible.

All ideological approaches to this issue are cursed. Because sharp ideological approaches of mine-yours, me-you, your man-my man are all acts of hostility towards the country; they aim to annihilate people you don't like, to make life difficult in the country.

It's hostility towards the country.

The first thing foreign powers do when they invade a country is to eliminate the intellectual segment.

This happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and all invaded countries. All the dark organizations of the invaders are mobilized for this purpose. How many Iranian engineers has Israel assassinated? It is one of the masters of this, with the CIA right beside it.

This is the most effective method to leave a country ignorant, unresponsive, rebellious, unorganized, and weak.


There is a significant exodus of the most mature young minds. Only two people remain out of 124 graduates of the German High School (122 have left). Out of 166 graduates of the Austrian High School, 133 have left.

In Turkey, the government has extinguished the possibilities for strong minds to thrive in this country.

Atatürk, when sending elite youths abroad, had stipulated that they "go as sparks and return as flames"... All of them returned and shouldered the country.

Now, those who leave are shouldering foreign countries. Moreover, they are doing so with our labor, our billions, our all-in-all, our sprouts that we sacrificed for their future, fluttering towards their new lives without even looking back.


A so-called intellectual, lacking in sense, recently asked: "What did we do to end up with this government..." Instead of asking why he took sides with the AKP and the community! This segment, especially those chasing popularity with no serious scientific or intellectual background, is an inseparable part of the country's ignorance. We should ask: "How did we raise these individuals?"

Doğan Kuban once wrote, "If a man you think is smart in daily life is trapped in traditional cultural stagnation in the face of problems the world has long solved, it means stupidity has accumulated and turned into deep-rooted social ignorance."

What are we going to do?

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