If there's no vote, I'll rebuke!

06 Şubat 2024 Salı

Not just a president, but even an ordinary citizen wouldn’t differentiate between any of the country’s provinces in the event of a disaster... Erdogan went to Hatay and, looking straight into the eyes of people still feeling the pain of the earthquake in their hearts and daily lives, he declared:

"When local and general governments are not aligned... Hatay remained neglected, Hatay stayed mournful..."

If we translate the sentence fully into Turkish, it says:

"I don’t consider anyone human unless they vote for me..."

On the anniversary of the February 6 earthquake, it's clear that this sentence was deliberately planned and crafted!

A government that could only reach the earliest disaster-hit area three days later is saying a year after, "We will do everything to lift you, but first, let's handle this voting matter!"


A government should be accountable to its people, and surely, it speaks like this if it finds the power to question within itself.

The words of the citizens we met in Hatay and Adıyaman after the earthquake are still ringing in our ears:

- Even four days after the earthquake, there were still voices coming from under the rubble!

- Write down exactly what I say...

It wasn’t the earthquake, but the cold that killed them.

They died from freezing!

- We couldn't pass by the rubble from which voices came again, out of shame!

The people were the first to help. Everyone who went to the region in the early days witnessed this. In addition, the efforts of the municipalities must be emphasized. Unfortunately, the state could not reflexively respond in time because there was no coordination among state institutions. Institutions didn’t take a step without orders from the top echelons of the state. In a country with established institutions, it’s clear who does what in the event of a disaster. We often touched upon this aspect last year.

A year has passed... They still say, "We won't sleep until we lift these cities." Then he threatens.

Whose service are you withholding from whom?

For years, they collected money from all illegal constructions under the name of "amnesty for zoning peace." They extended the period four or five times for those who couldn't make it in time.

After the earthquake, as if such a process hadn't happened, they said, "Renewing cities is essential" and turned "zoning peace" into "zoning profit." This time, they embarked on a vote-gathering exercise not by pardoning buildings, but by rebuilding them.

Throughout these processes, the implementer was the then Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Murat Kurum. Now, the same Kurum aspires to govern Istanbul. In the coming days, we may hear about Kurum's new Istanbul plans manufactured in the Palace.

The preparations were as follows:

- If you don't vote for us in Istanbul, forget about urban transformation.

Even in the face of an earthquake, a disaster that can only be overcome by uniting all forces, we were hearing they would threaten Istanbulites with an earthquake. However, we thought threatening the earthquake zone with an earthquake would be too much.

They did it anyway!


Erdogan started the election campaign with Hatay. Today and tomorrow, in the provincial cities of the region, he will continue to say, "If we are here, the state exists. Without us, every place becomes constricting for you."

The real destruction is in people's hearts and minds!

What to do against the demolition of a building is clear. But what about the demolition of a person?

This aspect of the issue is of no concern to the government.

Many people who have saved their lives but lost their loved ones are screaming inwardly:

- I wish there was a grave!

Thousands of people don't even know if their missing loved ones are alive or not.

Property is the least of one's worries... Hundreds of thousands are worried about their homes and workplaces.

There's a migration due to earthquakes in all our provinces...

Leaving all these aside, he’s threatening with a magnitude of 7.8:

- If there's no vote, I'll rebuke!

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