Hamas tension with the US!

24 Nisan 2024 Çarşamba

Even before the 31 March elections are over, there are new steps in foreign policy that we cannot see the end of.

Whatever the rosy news coming out of Erdoğan's trip to Iraq is important. First of all, let us emphasise that even signing a white piece of paper saying "We will improve relations with Iraq from now on" is "a step".

We have been emphasising in this column for years at every opportunity:

Everything for a country starts with establishing good relations with its neighbours.

If you fail to achieve this, no matter how powerful a state you are, you will remain incomplete.

It is good that "development" is being discussed today, while "uprisings" have been discussed with Iraq until today!

It is important that there are also references to the fight against terrorism. However, as long as Qandil remains there, every step taken will be to fill the basket with water to some extent.


What we want to talk about is the visit of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas Sayisi Bureau, to Erdoğan... Erdoğan's meeting with US President Biden, which is expected to take place on 9 May...

There is no direct connection between the two, but the developments in the Middle East and Erdoğan's statements have changed the shape of the issue.

Before the visit, Erdoğan equated Hamas with the Kuvayı Milliye, the starting spirit of our War of Independence. Haniyeh naturally expressed his satisfaction with this. We will mention this in another article.

Erdoğan, while emphasising his support for Hamas, stated that this support comes at a price and that he is willing to take this risk. These are open-ended words.

Erdoğan obviously thinks that he may have a role in the changes in the region. He is expecting a role within the scope of the Greater Middle East Project (BOP), just like in the 2003-2005 period.

With Erdoğan's statements, it can be said that Turkey's Middle East policy, which has changed for a long time, is on the verge of a new capsizing.

In our traditional foreign policy, Turkey used to be part of the solutions in the Middle East. It was a country where all sides could negotiate.

Now Turkey has become a part of problems, not solutions. Erdoğan is shouting "I am a part of the Middle East".

As a result, this is a path that the West also favours. The EU's border is no longer Hakkari, but Edirne.


The fragmentary backstage information on the Ankara-Washington line is frightening in every sense of the word.

There is a rumour that the US conveyed the following message to Ankara:

Hamas is withdrawing from Qatar. If Turkey replaces Qatar for Hamas, there will be consequences.

It is said that one of the consequences is that May 9 may be cancelled.

9 May was announced shortly before the 31 March local elections. The meaning of the news that the US invited the leader of the administration before an important election is clear; we want to work with him!

We want to, but how?

This is where it diverges. Erdoğan is skilfully balancing the foreign policy of playing footsie with the foreign policy of challenging. He says something in such a way that it is perceived as head-butting at home. On the foreign side, it is to be a bowl.

Our intuition is that Erdoğan will use external tensions to appear stronger at home. When there is a negative situation inside, it is easier to fix it. External issues are not like that. You do not have all the ends of the rope in your hands.

One minute the end of the rope has escaped!

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