Football is more than just a game!

14 Aralık 2023 Perşembe

Ankaragücü President Faruk Koca's punch at referee Halil Umut Meler also hit the lid of Pandora's Box. Verbal and physical violence, prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives, has spilled onto the pitch. It happened in front of millions, broadcast live.

Violence had been looming!

The saying goes: If you can't beat your donkey, beat its saddle! Everyone seems to have power over referees. The increasing politicization of football is pushing referees more into the spotlight.

Everyone takes out their frustrations on the referees.

Blaming the referee for a loss.

Criticizing the referee when unable to speak against political interference.

Even football programs casually 'transition' like this:

-Let's now turn to the referee's mistakes!

Even former referees, considered football deities, after reviewing a controversial play 4-5 times, make a decision and crucify the referee.


Faruk Koca expressed everything that could be said about the negatives in football with a single punch and then left.

When we look at all aspects of the incident, we see:

There is no single truth!

Just last year, Koca received a fair play award. What behaviors earned him this accolade?

After serving as an AKP deputy, Koca became the president of Ankaragücü. A person can indeed be active in other areas after being a deputy. However, the Palace systematically places former deputies in roles like university rectorships, club presidencies, and deputy minister positions, transforming party power into state power.

There is much to say about the relationship between football and politics, but one example suffices. During the days when Başakşehir was rising against the big three and heading towards the championship, Erdoğan had said:

"Başakşehir is doing very well. I am proud of it. Of course, it's the team I founded..."

If a president speaks like this, everything can be said about the club's success or failure!

While the conversion of hate speech in football into a hate fist is debated, the Parliament did not want to be left behind. Saadet Party Kocaeli Deputy Hasan Bitmez, after criticizing Israel at the parliamentary podium and touching on the ruling party, fainted and collapsed. At that moment, this voice emanated from the AKP ranks:

"That's the wrath of God!"

The parliamentary protocol: "Get well soon... Take care of yourself!"

The consecutive occurrence of these two events is not coincidental. The language of hate in politics reveals itself at every opportunity.


One globally accepted definition of football is:

Football is more than just football.

In Turkey, 40% of the economy is directly or indirectly centered around football.

Salazar, who ruled Portugal with a dictatorship from 1932 to 1968, had a famous saying:

-I governed the country with 3Fs: football, Fatima, fado!

Fatima represents religion. Fado is a music genre unique to Portugal.

Football, captivating millions, is also a tool for those who want to govern comfortably and arbitrarily.

In Turkey, the government wants to use and direct football. For instance, imagine all teams fiercely competing, but the champion is decided by decree. How wonderful that would be.

We wish Halil Umut Meler a speedy recovery. However, in our football, nothing has yet passed. Look, the president of the Football Federation linked all steps taken regarding the hot situation directly to the president and left!

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