CHP leadership shift: Focus on Kılıçdaroğlu's future

28 Kasım 2023 Salı

CHP's 38th ordinary congress elected Özgür Özel as the 8th chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP). Continuing the congress, two questions remain relevant:

1- How will the promises made about the party's internal order, candidate selection method, and similar issues be kept?

2- What will Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu do?

On November 4-5, CHP conducted a competitive congress where party internal democracy was fully operational. Soon after, the local election agenda took center stage. Naturally, the general expectation is the fulfillment of the promises made. Implementing party internal democracy in candidate selection is essential. Primaries are the most concrete step for this. Problems due to time constraints can be overcome with methods that convince the party base.

In a 100-year-old party with eight chairmans... This shows that change is not easy in CHP. From another perspective, although the general president remains the same, he can embrace significant changes for the party.

Kemal Bey, in terms of tenure, follows İnönü, Atatürk, and Baykal, ranking fourth. He has incorporated significant changes in 13 years. In all of these, there is no doubt that he had two main goals:

1- To make CHP the ruling party.

2- To ensure that CHP addresses the changes of the era.

In taking steps to achieve this, he adopted a method:

He took authority from party organs and used that authority for the goals mentioned.

The closest moment to success was May 14-28. It must be acknowledged that he did everything known and unknown to the public to succeed. It didn’t happen.

Many own success, but failure is an orphan.

Setting aside these details... Kemal Bey stayed at 49% in the first round of the congress. Now, those who want to continue politics with Kemal Bey are setting their foundation on that 49%. Based on this, they plan not to take steps that would harm the party during the local election process and to act only in case of possible failure in the election. Although Kılıçdaroğlu himself may not take direct steps, those moving with him are brewing this policy. There's only one thing to say:

Don't do it!

Prepare not for after the election, but before!

2024 is the gateway to 2028. No wing of CHP can benefit from failure in 2024.

The other side of the coin is the attitude of the general center. Kılıçdaroğlu and those doing politics with him need to participate in every stage of local elections, not just in fieldwork.

There are two ways parties prepare for elections: those working for success in the election and those working for after the election.

CHP must certainly reduce this dilemma to one. As the party's founder would say, at this stage, the sole basis for General President Özgür Özel’s existence should be this!

Will Kemal Bey be a knower or one who is thought to know?

There are two extreme evaluations about Kemal Bey's approach to politics:

1- He is influenced by those around him. The view of the last person he spoke to is important.

2- No matter what you say, his face doesn’t twitch. He gives nothing away and does not deviate from what he knows.

Those who meet with him these days may leave thinking that Kemal Bey approved their ideas, but ultimately, he has his unique way of producing thoughts.

Özgür Özel's success is also Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's success. Kemal Bey should see it this way.

As a knower, party enlarges.

As a known, polarization enlarges!

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