Who allowed this situation?

30 Nisan 2024 Salı

About a month ago, my book titled "Havala" was released, which details the drug quagmire and how money from drugs and illicit activities enters circulation. After the release of my book, I appeared on television shows and programs on social media channels.

The most recent show I appeared on was the "Teke Tek" program, synonymous with Fatih Altaylı.

I appeared on the program alongside my fellow journalist, Timur Soykan. Timur discussed his book "Baron Invasion" and I talked about my book "Havala." In fact, there are many intersections and complementarities between the two books. Hence, even though the topics discussed were distinct, they came together as a whole. While preparing this article, I noticed that the program had been watched by 780,000 people.

One of the viewers seems to have been the former Minister of Interior, Süleyman Soylu. After the broadcast of the program, he chose to speak for the first time in a long while and participated in a YouTube program called "Everything About the Agenda (GDH)."

The program Mr. Soylu attended seemed entirely based on the discussions we had on Fatih Altaylı's show. Especially, he responded to Timur Soykan's statements about barons. Mr. Soylu commented about Mr. Soykan and me, saying "They do not know to what they are serving!"

The information Mr. Soylu provided on the program he attended was really interesting.

During the program, Mr. Soylu spoke about "undercover investigators" and explained their role. He discussed how these individuals were placed within drug cartels. He spoke about the relentless battle against terrorist organizations and criminal gangs during his seven years in office.

Upon taking office, he mentioned some deficiencies that were detected. He even mentioned that previously unidentified members of crime organizations, sought worldwide, could not be identified at airports. He discussed a new application introduced in 2022. Photos of criminals from all over the world were uploaded into our system, thus easing the identification of individuals trying to enter our country with fake passports or IDs.

During his seven-year tenure, he declared that 1,138 drug crime organizations and 593 mafia structures, meaning one criminal organization was dismantled every 33 hours, were taken down.

Additionally, he stated that during these operations (over seven years), 1,050 tons of drugs were seized and said, "We are getting off the gray list in June."

The very next day, the Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, as always, shared information about an operation. It was about the "Narkoçelik-14" operation. In an operation conducted across 42 provinces, 322 kg of drugs and 135,000 drug pills were seized. More detailed information was also shared in the same post.

During his 10 months in office, a total of 39,661 operations targeting drug manufacturers and dealers were conducted, resulting in the seizure of 121 tons of drugs, 42 million drug pills, 157 million cannabis plants, and the arrest of 310,639 suspects, of whom 28,044 were imprisoned.

Look, friends, 121 tons of drugs in 10 months!

Previous statements by the Ministry of Interior also reported that 1,187 operations were conducted against criminal organizations, 8,052 individuals were detained, and 3,036 of these suspects were imprisoned.

The number of organized crime organizations dismantled during Mr. Yerlikaya’s 10-month tenure was stated as 436. Of these, 38 were international criminal organizations, and 73 were regional.

The total number of these crime organizations that were completely dismantled was 310!

Of the 436 dismantled crime organizations, 117 were related to drug trafficking!

Thirteen leaders of the captured international crime organizations were drug traffickers. During this same 10-month period, 406 individuals wanted under red notices and diffusion notices were arrested, 44 of whom were drug traffickers!

Dear friends, these figures provided by former Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu and Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya are concrete evidence of the quagmire Turkey is in.

We wrote these books to explain this very situation to the public.

That is, we are critiquing the scenario that emerges from the figures provided by the ministers.

There is one question that no one in power, including Mr. Soylu, can answer: Who allowed this situation?

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