The Era of AI in Fraud Has Begun!

02 Temmuz 2024 Salı

The topic, once again, is our personal data and fraud.

For years, through my articles and television appearances, I've been trying to highlight the seriousness of the issue.

Every day, I receive dozens of emails and messages about fraud. I used to say the methods were always the same, but they are not.

Neither banks are releasing public service announcements on this issue, nor are they taking any responsibility. The burden falls on the citizens.

In fact, the number of people defrauded is so high that they have formed WhatsApp groups to make their voices heard. These are bank customers coming together, numbering in the thousands. Most are retirees or minimum-wage workers.

After being defrauded, the bank says, "It's not my concern, pay up." Yet, there are dozens of Supreme Court decisions indicating the bank also has responsibility.

Of course, the type of fraud matters. There are cases where the individual is at fault.

A young computer engineer called me.

"Brother, you always bring this up, but it's much bigger than you think," he said.

We met, and he explained and showed me.

Currently, all of Turkey's personal data is in the hands of hackers and is being sold on social media platforms for ridiculous amounts like 50-100 Turkish Lira. Phone numbers, national ID numbers, property records, family connections, and even GPS location data are being sold on social media.

Things have escalated.

It turns out that fraudsters are now using artificial intelligence.

For example, if you want to illegally access someone's information, you contact the seller. The seller asks for the national ID number or full name. The new application is integrated with artificial intelligence.

You only need to provide the AI with the name, surname, and profession, and it generates a detailed report on the person. Beyond family connections, it shows property and vehicle records, home address location, legal cases, and associations. My name and surname were entered, and all my information came up.

This application can even track real-time location information.

I'm calling out to the authorities...

This is a very serious security issue. Every day, thousands of people lose their savings to fraudsters, their homes and belongings are seized. Our personal information is being sold by 15-16-year-old children. A fundamental solution is needed.

The security of the voter lists delivered to political parties by the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK), the security of the information delivered, the security of information in state institutions, and the identification of individuals who abuse this security should be reevaluated.

Either the national ID numbers of all Turkish citizens should be changed, or serious measures should be taken.

Given what we are currently experiencing and the sale of our information, changing national ID numbers with a new coding system and limiting access to these details to specific individuals is essential.

It's not a difficult task, but the "let the sleeping dog lie" mentality prevails. Since it's mostly retirees and elderly people who are affected, no one can seek their rights.

They may not realize it, but such issues have been eroding public trust in the government for years, like a mouse gnawing away.

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