State's three pillars aware of current events

06 Ocak 2024 Cumartesi

With Turkey entering an election atmosphere, provocative incidents have started to disturb and confuse us.

This is certainly intentional, and we, as a society, have enough experience to recognize it.

It all started with the PKK killing 12 of our soldiers in Northern Iraq. I believe this attack is not independent of the election atmosphere. The terrorist organization members thought they could catch our soldiers off guard in the foggy and snowy weather. Do you think they emerged unscathed from the attack that killed our 12 soldiers? From the videos I watched and news falling into PKK broadcasts after the attack, it's evident that the terrorist organization is in trouble. So much so that they even moved their headquarters from Kandil to Sulaymaniyah under U.S. protection.

But that's not our main issue. Following this attack, a debate about autonomy ensued in the Parliament, initiated by HÜDA PAR leader Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, a member of the People's Alliance. While the entire opposition criticized Yapıcıoğlu for his statement that "Autonomy could be discussed," Mustafa Destici, leader of another supporter of the People's Alliance, the Great Union Party, responded unexpectedly harshly. Destici made a harsher statement than I expected, saying, "To the owner of these words we say: If you tell us where you stand in this debate, we will then understand what our interlocutor means and act accordingly." I was surprised that MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli didn't show such severity.

Following this, a crisis erupted over Saudi Arabia's refusal to allow Atatürk's "Peace at Home, Peace in the World" statement during the Super Cup final. Saudis blocking Atatürk upon approval of Norm Ender’s song “Parla” (Shine) for the Republic’s 100th year and the National Anthem wasn’t surprising. They are terrified of Atatürk's ideas spreading in Arabian lands, threatening the throne and wealth of the Saudi tribe. I commend both major clubs for showing resolve in this situation.

However, the crisis led to such a protective sentiment for Atatürk on social media and public opinion that some immediately brought up caliphate rhetoric. You might have seen, on Twitter, that doctored images of bulldozers demolishing Anıtkabir started circulating. Then, Hizbuttahrir's caliphate march in Istanbul under the guise of Palestine added salt to the wound. Remember, this march was attempted 10 days earlier in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. Although participation wasn’t extensive, caliphate slogans were chanted. This time in Istanbul, a Palestine rally on Galata Bridge saw thousands participate, but it reached a point where Palestine was forgotten, unity flags raised, and caliphate slogans chanted. Ege Akersoy punching a citizen holding the unity flag created the exact environment they wanted.

How did it start? PKK attacks, autonomy debates, and a sudden increase in caliphate demands during a peak period of sensitivity towards Atatürk... I'm not even counting the ISIS members caught preparing bomb attacks and Palestinian agents working for MOSSAD.

Look, the state has three pillars. Despite criticisms for plunging Turkey into debt and inflation over 22 years, these are President Erdoğan, the Turkish Armed Forces, and the Foreign Ministry under Hakan Fidan. From what I see, all three institutions are aware that something is being attempted, that is, they are aware of current events. The rapid pro-Atatürk and secularism statements from the AKP demonstrate this. These statements certainly don't make the AKP a pro-Atatürk party. However, they show that the administration hasn't lost consciousness to the point of laying dynamite to the foundation of the state. Because Turkey cannot move forward without being a secular, democratic republic.

As journalists, we must take note of the disrespect towards Atatürk but show the big picture to people in an objective way without provoking society. After all, the citizen groaning under the burden of inflation is not concerned about caliphate or autonomy demands... Everyone simply desires a prosperous and affluent Republic of Turkey.

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