My mouth is filled with shards of glass

14 Ocak 2024 Pazar

Infantry Second Lieutenant Gökhan Delen

Specialist Sergeant Serkan Sayin

Contracted Private Müslüm Özdemir

Contracted Private Kemal Batur

Contracted Private Emrullah Gülmez

Specialist Sergeant Hakan Gün

Specialist Sergeant Ahmet Köroğlu

Contracted Private Murat Atar

Contracted Private Muhammed Tunahan Evcin

Nine sons of the homeland...

These lands are made homeland by our martyrs whose debts are immeasurable.

They were martyred yesterday in an attack by the treacherous terrorist organization.

Infantry Lieutenant Ramazan Günay, Infantry Specialist Sergeant Mehmet Serinkan, Infantry Specialist Corporal İsmail Yazıcı, infantry contracted privates Çağatay Erenoğlu, Yasin Karaca, and Emre Taşkın had been martyred days before.

A fire has struck every home, every mother's, father's, sibling's, spouse's, and lover's heart.

Each of them has a unique story.

One of our martyrs is Contracted Private Müslüm Özdemir.

His family lives in Maraş Dulkadiroğlu.

They are earthquake victims...

A year ago, they lost their home. Now, they have lost their son.

Neighbors say that our martyr's biggest wish was to buy a house for his family.

Do you know why?

Our martyr's parents, Ümmihan and Ali Özdemir started living in a tent after their house was destroyed in the earthquake. Then they were given a container, but how could it be heated in winter conditions? They put their belongings in the container and had to move back to the tent, setting up a stove to keep warm.

Now, would the hearts of that father and mother warm up even if you gave them the sun?

They received the news of the martyrdom in that tent, and our martyr's blood-soaked Turkish flag was hung there.

Those who delivered the martyrdom news immediately brought and placed 10 heaters inside the container. The parents' hearts turned into a blazing fire, and the officials were trying to cover their shame.

Those who install heating systems from abroad so that the palm trees in the palace's garden don't get cold, couldn't warm our martyr's earthquake-victim family.

A year has passed since the earthquake, almost a year.

Citizens are still living in containers, in tents. Billions of Turkish Lira were collected for aid. What happened to this money?

Haluk Levent and Hasan Can Kaya announced they would buy a house for our martyr's family.

What about the officials?

Messages of national unity and solidarity were given. The lairs of the terrorist organization were destroyed. Our heroic brave soldiers' revenge was taken!

Supporters of the terrorist organization and its internal collaborators are clear. The actions to be taken are also clear. We voted for countries providing logistic support to the terrorist organization to join NATO. The biggest supporter of terrorist organizations, the USA, has bases in our country. Domestic collaborator parties are rampant in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Is there political will? No.

Like in Orhan Veli's poem, "What haven't we done for this homeland! / Some of us died; / Some of us gave speeches"... We know our martyrs from the "some of us died" part. But what about those who give speeches?

After every martyrdom news, brothers on television, who have a say on everything from the pandemic to the reasons for rising exchange rates, will explain where our soldiers were martyred. The next day, they will check how much they were watched.

Our brothers, who can't lift themselves off their gazelle leather seats, will offer condolences to our martyrs and curse terrorism. Then, they will hold negotiations, sorry, ALLIANCE talks, with representatives of parties that are spokespeople for terrorist organizations and couldn't even publish condolences for our martyrs, for the upcoming election.

So-called leaders who stick to the state like a leech, sucking the blood of the public, and driving million-dollar vehicles, will praise martyrdom. Even chase tenders for their disciples in their congregation, and sect, seek new state positions, and try various ways to prevent sending them to the army.

They will cancel events, and concerts to show their sensitivity.

Nothing will change.

I looked to see if HÜDA PAR and DEM Party, represented in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, had made a post, condemned terrorism, or written something for our martyrs.

No. I checked each one, there was not a single message. I expressed my outrage on social media, wanting their two-faced politics to be noticed.

After my reaction, they made statements and shared posts. Almost 24 hours after the attack. Shamelessly, they even pressured their partisans to have my posts removed. As if it would make a difference...

While our martyr's family is struggling for life in a tent, the representatives of these parties, who even hesitate to commemorate our martyrs, sit on gazelle leather seats with our taxes and recklessly use the facilities formed by our taxes.

It bothers me to my core.

My mouth is filled with shards of glass.

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