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A Fortress of Crime: Dragos

30 Haziran 2024 Pazar

I was the first journalist to uncover that this organization, which the public dismissed as a mere sex cult and the media didn't take seriously, was actually the technical team of the group once known as FETÖ, with CIA connections. Since 2006, I had been fighting against the organization alone. They created hundreds of websites and filed dozens of lawsuits against me, making the courthouses my second home.

For the first time in my life, I went to Vatan Police Department voluntarily in 2018 to file a complaint against Adnan Oktar and his gang, after being frequently summoned there by the police. At the Istanbul Financial Crimes Division, I first met Bureau Chief Baybars, who was leading the investigation. Then I met the branch manager, Furkan Sezer.

They shattered all my prejudices about the police.


In front of me were state officials of such seriousness not found in the highest ranks of our state; they were so well-educated and dignified that they could fill positions in any law enforcement agency or authority in the world. Starting with Furkan Sezer, Baybars, Ayhan, Buğra, Kürşad, and all the police officers who formed the team, they became my heroes.

The Turkish public came to the same conclusion while watching Furkan Sezer on my dear colleague İpek Özbey’s programs: An exemplary statesman.

Because the operation against Adnan Oktar was carried out without the minister's knowledge, Furkan Sezer was reassigned to Kilis by Süleyman Soylu and eventually resigned from the police force. He can reveal the criminal organization with his full name in the media. The others remain silent because they are still on duty, and we don’t disclose their surnames.


İpek Özbey compiled her striking interviews about the Adnan Oktar criminal organization, which had rooted itself in Turkey and the state at every level for forty years, into a book titled "Furkan Sezer Tells: Dragos."

The organization is such a deeply rooted and powerful criminal gang that Turkey learned from my writings a few years ago how so-called nationalist Prof. Dr. Ümit Kocasakal and pseudo-democrat lawyer Uğur Poyraz defended them with all their might. Likewise, former head of the Istanbul Medical Chamber, Şebnem Korur Fincancı, provided fabricated reports in favor of Adnan Oktar, costing legendary Police Chief Adil Serdar Saçan his career and life.

Yes, the 2018 operation was successful; the head of the organization was crushed, but the body did not collapse. It first victimized Furkan Sezer. Then, decisions taken by the heavy penal court were overturned in appeals infiltrated by the organization until the HSK intervened, and some judicial members were suspended, thwarting the conspiracy.


Furkan Sezer tells more: “In 2021, Adnan Oktar held over 500 hours of meetings with lawyers in 40 days, with 83 different lawyers, 20 of whom were men and 63 women, with the average age of the women being 24.”

Before being transferred to Van prison, Adnan Oktar had taken control of Erzurum Dumlu prison, receiving meals from outside and spending his days in meetings with his lawyers rather than in his cell.

Now, the legal process is at the Supreme Court stage. Those who dedicated their lives to fighting the criminal organization wait anxiously, considering the conspiracy in the appeals court. I am among them because the imprisoned members of the Oktar gang continue to file lawsuits against complainants, their lawyers, journalists writing about the organization, and of course, me. They clearly rely on their political supporters like Fatih Erbakan and their allies in the judiciary.


Fortunately, there is another character in this story: Özkan Mamati, who reported the organization to CİMER at the end of 2017, sparking the war against them and making the 2018 operation possible.

Özkan Mamati, whose testimony holds a significant place in İpek Özbey’s book "Dragos," has been organizing victims and complainants against the criminal gang while studying law. By the end of this year, he will stand against the Adnan Oktar gang as a lawyer.

Because the war is not over. You will be horrified as you read "Dragos": Adnan Oktar’s tentacles still grip many corners everywhere.

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A Fortress of Crime: Dragos 30 Haziran 2024

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