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Electric shock before tax hike

01 Temmuz 2024 Pazartesi

With this increase, it's wise to think twice before using the power switch. Reports suggest that the hike is linked to funding distribution companies, once again placing the economic burden on low-income citizens. Following the electricity price hike, we can expect price increases in fuel and a wide range of other goods.

One of last week's hottest topics was the reversal in the political climate between the AKP and CHP, particularly regarding their "normalization" and "softening" policies. The economic talks between the two parties' leaders ended without result, and after the MHP's interventions, the rhetoric became more heated. Perhaps the clearest outcome was the reaffirmation of the People's Alliance. CHP leader Özgür Özel's comments on the possibility of early elections due to the economic crisis stirred the political scene, signaling that the CHP has a plan to counter the government's strategy of using negotiation processes to navigate the economic crisis. An example of the CHP's dual approach of dialogue and struggle was seen in yesterday's rally in Gebze, where those saying "We can't make ends meet" took to the streets.

Where’s the Savings?

The public is closely watching how the government's austerity measures will progress. Citizens are curious about what specific cuts will be made. However, a report from last week highlighted the irony of the situation. According to a report by Cemil Ciğerim, the AKP-run Samsun Metropolitan Municipality donated some of its vehicles to various ministries and municipalities, claiming they were "excess to requirements." Yet, shortly after, it was reported that they announced a tender for 211 new vehicles.

A week in our country can be equivalent to a month elsewhere. Issues like the deviation from secular and scientific principles in education continue, this time through vocational schools. A protocol signed by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) allows institutions and factories to open schools. In a report by Aytunç Ürkmez, educators criticized this move, claiming it legitimizes child labor and stating that the ministry will pay the teachers' salaries.

In the Footsteps of Enlightenment Sages: Nadi and Selçuk

Last week, we remembered with respect and longing the master writers who have become symbols in our institutional memory, not only for our century-old Cumhuriyet newspaper but also for the history of our country. Enlightenment sages like our founder Yunus Nadi, İlhan Selçuk, and Turhan Selçuk... Each one a pioneer of their era, unwavering defenders of the Republic in the spirit of the War of Independence and followers of Atatürk’s principles, who never shied away from the struggle or compromised their steadfast stance.

We commemorated Yunus Nadi, our founder who walked alongside Atatürk from the War of Independence to the establishment of the Republic, at his grave in Edirnekapı Martyrs' Cemetery on the 79th anniversary of his death. This year's ceremony held symbolic significance, as our newspaper, which started with Atatürk's support, celebrated its 100th anniversary on May 7. We proudly continue our publication in line with the principles Nadi set out from day one. What were these principles? "Cumhuriyet is neither a government nor a party newspaper. Cumhuriyet is solely an advocate of the Republic, scientifically and broadly, as a defender of democracy... Cumhuriyet will strive for the principle of secularism to be embraced by society, advocating for the liberation of reason from dogma and science from religion, following the path of 'Enlightenment' opened by Atatürk’s reforms and principles. Cumhuriyet regards 'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms' as the universal constitution of democracy and considers achieving its goals within the scope of the independence and integrity of the Turkish Republic founded by Atatürk as its fundamental principle."

Yesterday, we also commemorated our chief columnist, İlhan Selçuk, synonymous with Cumhuriyet, and his internationally renowned cartoonist brother, Turhan Selçuk, the creator of Abdülcanbaz, on the 14th anniversary of their passing in a ceremony in Hacıbektaş, Nevşehir. Looking back from today’s perspective, we once again appreciate İlhan Abi’s genius, foresight, and value as a teacher on the path of Enlightenment. We are grateful for the vast ocean of knowledge he opened to us through his "Window." Salutes to the pillars of Cumhuriyet...

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