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Palestine is winning

11 Mayıs 2024 Cumartesi

Since October 7, 2023, I have been emphasizing that it is misleading to measure the new phase of the century-old Israeli-Palestinian issue, which emerged on October 7, 2023, by the number of bombs dropped or the number of deaths. Palestinians have already chosen to resist "until the last Palestinian" to achieve statehood.

Therefore, looking at the leveling of Gaza and the number of Palestinians killed there and concluding that "Israel won, Palestine is losing" is misleading; the conclusion that "Israel is losing, Palestine is winning" is correct for the following reasons:


Before October 7, the topic of a "Palestinian state" had been forgotten; the "two-state solution" was revived from the ashes with the Al-Aqsa Flood.

Most recently, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell announced with a date: "Spain, Ireland, and some EU countries will recognize Palestine as a state on May 21."

A wave that began with the pressure of the multipolar world and the Global South has reached Europe. This wave will eventually compel the U.S. to accept this reality. No matter how much the U.S. vetoes Palestine’s recognition at the UN or delays it, it will ultimately have to recognize it.

Thus, looking from the perspective of this fundamental goal, Palestine is ultimately the one that is winning.


And Israel is losing because:

  1. A state of people who suffered under Hitler’s fascism and the Nazis' genocide in the last century is, regrettably, committing genocide in Gaza this century. No matter how much the U.S. tries to prevent the International Court of Justice from declaring Israel a perpetrator of genocide, in the eyes of the world, the state of Israel is now genocidal.
  2. It was argued that the Al-Aqsa Flood was a lifeline for Netanyahu. On the contrary, even in the midst of war, he has become a politician unwanted by half of the Israelis, constantly protested in front of his residence and in the streets. He has long completed his political life and is now a dark stain on the political history of Israel. His removal is only a matter of time...
  3. Meanwhile, even in the midst of war, the Israeli court decided to continue the case against Netanyahu.
  4. On the other hand, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is expected to issue an arrest warrant for Netanyahu. Twelve American senators have gone so far as to threaten ICC officials with a letter to prevent this decision.
  5. Starting with Colombia, some countries have severed diplomatic relations with Israel. Even the AKP government, due to public pressure, was forced to cut trade with Israel months later. In short, Israel is increasingly becoming isolated in the world.


The wave of recognizing Palestine as a state, starting with Spain and Ireland in Europe on May 21, will soon rise with Belgium, Slovenia, Malta, and Norway.

On the one hand, the People's Republic of China is trying to reconcile Fatah, which governs the West Bank, and Hamas, which governs Gaza, under a single Palestinian National Authority to facilitate the recognition of the Palestinian state. The first meeting mediated by China in Beijing between the two delegations went positively.

It is clear that the situation is evolving into a "new Middle East order." Faced with this scenario, the U.S. is searching for two moves:

1) Washington is seeking security for its "outpost" with the "U.S.-Saudi Arabia-Israel tripartite agreement."

2) Under pressure to withdraw from Iraq, the U.S. knows it will have to withdraw from Syria afterward. Therefore, it is working on "how and by whom the void will be filled."

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Palestine is winning 11 Mayıs 2024

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