Mehmet Ali Güller

Israel's three problems

27 Kasım 2023 Pazartesi

Terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes against humanity committed in Gaza by the state of Israel and the Israeli government, despite support from the USA and global media, are facing three major problems:

1. Israel is losing western support

From the first day, countries in Asia, Africa, and South America showed their reactions to Israel at different levels. However, as time passes, European countries are also starting to take a stance against Israel.

Indeed, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned the Netanyahu government by saying, 'The world public opinion is no longer with us' and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak warned by saying, 'We are losing the public opinion in Europe, we will start to lose the governments in Europe too.'

The joint reaction shown by Pedro Sanches, the Prime Minister of Spain, who is the current president of the EU, and Alexander De Croo, the Prime Minister of Belgium, who will take over the EU presidency on January 1st, has become the beginning of Israel losing the European governments.

The duo openly warned Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during separate meetings in Jerusalem. Moreover, Spanish Prime Minister Sanches said in his speech at the Rafah Gate, 'If the EU does not recognize the state of Palestine, Spain will make its own decision.'

The argument Netanyahu resorted to in this situation was to accuse the prime ministers of Spain and Belgium of 'supporting terrorism.' Of course, Israeli ambassadors were immediately called to the foreign ministry and warned.

2. Israeli institutions are accusing each other 

The result of wars is not measured by human losses. History has seen that those who suffered more losses have also won. Palestinians, running towards death to defend their homeland, will eventually win...

One of the most important indicators that Israel cannot win is this: For the first time, conflicts between the Israeli government and Israeli institutions and conflicts among the institutions themselves surfaced to this extent. Because there was a defeat on October 7th for Israel, and nobody can take responsibility for this defeat. Moreover, as the bill will eventually be presented to them, the institutions are already accusing each other to protect their positions.

You will remember, that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu described October 7th as 'the black day of Israeli history' and a 'fiasco,' saying it was 'a terrible weakness,' and accused his government's security and intelligence units, stating that they only received intelligence such as 'Hamas was intimidated' before October 7th. However, after the reactions, he apologized to the security and intelligence units and deleted his accusatory messages.

This time, with the anxiety of the bill, security, and intelligence institutions started accusing each other.

For example, one group conveyed a message through the British Financial Times: 'It was revealed that a detailed report was presented to the head of intelligence of the Israeli Defense Forces Southern Command about Hamas preparing for a major attack, but the official saw the report as an 'imaginary scenario.''

Officials of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in their message through Haaretz newspaper, stated, 'Israeli military intelligence was aware of Hamas' attack plans a year ago, the relevant information was conveyed to the Israeli General Security Service Shin Bet, but the competent authorities did not prepare for the threat as necessary.'

As the day of the bill approaches, these accusations will increase even more.

3. Pressure on Netanyahu to resign

Netanyahu, who has been protested by the Israeli people for a year for trying to take control of the judiciary, was not saved by the war. The Israeli public did not unite around the prime minister with the excuse of the war, on the contrary, actions and pressures for Netanyahu's resignation continued, continue.

Protesters, who protest every day near Netanyahu's residence, demand the prime minister to resign 'right now.'

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