Three backstage stories

23 Şubat 2024 Cuma

1- Lütfü Savaş believes that among those who do not want him to reclaim the mayoral seat is Ekrem İmamoğlu. Moreover, he has a very intriguing thesis to support this claim.

For those who remember... At the end of 2022, Savaş declared his desire to run for presidency with these words: "My background is very distinguished, both in the field and in bureaucracy. Like my colleagues, I want to be in the race. I want to be considered. I wish to be one of the candidates."

It is said... Lütfü Savaş believes he is one of the rare individuals who could attract votes from both the right and the left. Therefore, he still thinks he could become president. He suggests that İmamoğlu does not want him as a rival in the presidential elections, hence trying to sideline him from politics.

Sometimes words are not enough.

2- Followers of the Arka Bahçe (Backyard) will remember; that I had written here about the actions of RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council) Legal Advisor Özlem Sevgi Keleş, from Acun Ilıcalı's lawsuit against RTÜK, which the institution failed to defend in time, to RTÜK hiding documents from the court in a censorship case against TELE1.

I have now learned that the controversial legal advisor Keleş has been removed from her position at RTÜK. While the official reason for her dismissal does not mention this claim, it is thought to be due to "sometimes misleading the board and disrupting peace within the legal advisory team."

So, who has been appointed in her place? Şeyma Günay, who was a department head at the Ministry of Justice Legal Services Directorate.

It is alleged that RTÜK's new legal advisor Günay is married to a lawyer who has served as a youth branch manager for the AKP and has also run for mayor from the party.

3- After being detained following a "Sharia" post and then released under judicial control, a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years is requested for lawyer Feyza Altun.

The indictment was prepared by the Beykoz Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. But do you know the claims about Beykoz's new chief prosecutor?

He was once the deputy chief prosecutor in İzmir. He describes himself as a "social democrat" but has always been on good terms with the Nationalists. Back then he was reported by the İzmir chief prosecutor with an ultimatum of "it's either him or me," and he stormed out on the next chief prosecutor.

Unsurprisingly, there are claims of regional favoritism towards that chief prosecutor from Artvin, to the extent that a top government official is said to have personally called the Council of Judges and Prosecutors during a decree discussion to support him.

It is said that Beykoz's new chief prosecutor, anticipating a change in government before last year's elections, took action not to be left out. He even reportedly contacted a famous politician, rumored to be the next Minister of Interior from the İYİ Party, saying, "I am at your command in the new term."

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