In whose hands are our children?

20 Aralık 2023 Çarşamba

"According to our faith, just as life is a blessing, so is death. If death did not exist, Allah would have let His most beloved servants live for a very long time. Therefore, those who lose loved ones at a young age should not see this as a great disaster or punishment but should show patience and strive to display an attitude pleasing to Allah. Death is not so much the end of life as it is the beginning of a more perfect existence. A person's departure from this world similarly marks the start of a more perfect and eternal life. Often, it means liberation from the burdens of life. Not everyone may see the blessing aspect of death."

What would you think if your 7-year-old child were taught these things? How would your child, who is at an age incapable of grasping abstract concepts, be affected by such teachings? Most importantly, why would a disciple of a religious order be teaching these things to your child in school?

I listen to the Minister of National Education, Yusuf Tekin: "They prevent children from going to the mountains," he says. I examine the protocols defended by the Minister one by one. From the Hayrat Foundation to the Ensar Foundation, from the Server Life Foundation to the Service Foundation, they have signed a protocol with all of them... It appears that the Ministry of National Education (MEB) is throwing our children, entrusted to them, into the arms of “legal” foundations connected to illegal sects.


You read the excerpt at the beginning of this article. It was found in the sourcebook of seminars under the name of "Values Education" taught in schools. When it drew criticism, some sentences were removed from the book, and it was decided to teach it from middle school onwards. So, who are these "values" educators?

One of the institutions that signed a protocol is the Service Foundation (Hizmet Vakfı). I read the five-page protocol signed for three years on July 15, 2014. It states: “The purpose of this protocol is to provide seminars on values education in formal and non-formal education institutions affiliated with the MEB, in cooperation with the Service Foundation.”

Then, I visit the website of the Service Foundation and look at the list of its founders: Abdullah Yeğin, Ahmet Aytimur, Bayram Yüksel, Hüsnü Bayramoğlu, Mustafa Sungur, Said Özdemir, Tahir Mutlu...

Yes, I am talking about a foundation established by the Nur movement in 1973. The Service Foundation has consistently directed the course of Nurism with its declarations. They even supported the September 12, 1980 coup.

Time passed, and the foundation made a decision. They would be the sole publishers of Said Nursi's treatises. For this, those representing Nurism gathered. A 10-point consensus text was signed, declaring the Service Foundation as the authority on publishing the treatises. Guess who was one of the signatories? Bingo: Fethullah Gülen!

Don't think it stopped there. The Service Foundation always stood by Gülen in tough times. Its founders sometimes even declared Gülen as the "messiah." And that's not all...

During the February 28 period, the founders of the Service Foundation – Mustafa Sungur, Bayram Yüksel, Hüsnü Bayramoğlu, and Abdullah Yeğin – published a letter. The letter discussed the great services Gülen provided to Nurism.

Still not enough! Remember when they say "December 17-25 is a milestone"... Even after that date, there were leaders in the Service Foundation who supported FETÖ. Hüsnü Bayramoğlu, one of the founders, even reopened an association shut down for its links with FETÖ after July 15, after requesting from Erdogan. The story is endless.


So, whose signature was under the protocol made with the Service Foundation? The then Undersecretary of MEB, Tekin! Yes, today's minister...

When the protocol was renewed, Eğitim Sen applied to the Council of State for its annulment. There were significant reasons: In the 2014 protocol, the foundation could only conduct seminars outside of class hours. However, when the protocol was renewed in 2017, the religious order could now reach students even during class hours. What was the result?

The Council of State did not annul the protocol despite the constitution and regulations. Only one member of the 8th Chamber of the Council of State, Yücel Bulmuş, voted against it. His objection to the majority decision was notable: "It will constitute a violation of the mandatory provision of the constitution, which stipulates that education and teaching, within the scope of the state's service area, will be conducted only through civil servants and other public officials.

Therefore, it is seen that the provisions of the protocol exceeded the purpose and scope of the legal regulations on which formal and non-formal education is based, and the authority related to the conduct of educational and instructional services was not used by the superior legal norms."

Is it a coincidence: Council of State member Bulmuş was the person targeted by Akit newspaper with a headline saying, "The Council of State is entrusted to this mindset."

Let's not forget that once upon a time, the Fethullahists were also defended as "they prevent children from going to the mountains." Those "children" grew up and bombed the people with tanks. We are experiencing metastasis...

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