How did that MHP member assist in the murder?

08 Mayıs 2024 Çarşamba

Is merely going to Bolu punishable by 20 years in prison?

Don't dismiss this as a strange question. We are being openly insulted, right before our eyes.

You have undoubtedly read many reports and heard analyses about Sinan Ateş's indictment. Most recently, MHP (The Nationalist Movement Party) leader Devlet Bahçeli broke his silence, stating: "Anyone with documents or information should present them to the court. Even those who wish to testify should be allowed to do so."

One of the detained defendants in the murder indictment is Serdar Öktem. It's no secret that Öktem, a lawyer, is a prominent MHP member. What remains secret is why he is included in this indictment...

Yes, Öktem is accused of "aiding a murder." Yes, he is facing up to 20 years in prison for it. And yes... it does not state what he actually did to commit this crime.

No matter how many times you read the indictment, it's not there.

According to the indictment; on the day of the murder, December 30, 2022, Serdar Öktem traveled from Bursa to Ankara, and then to Bolu. He left a hotel in Bolu on the last day of the year, took a detour onto a highland road, and returned from there 26 minutes later.

So, what do these details imply? Nothing. The prosecutor writes nothing. No explanation is given.

Then why is this information there?

Why would you make such a severe accusation as "aiding in murder" and not write the evidential act?

Could it be?

Could MHP member Serdar Öktem have gone to Bolu with someone on the day of the murder? Possibly with Ömer Şanlı, the head of the Ankara Ülkü Ocakları (grey wolves)? What were the license plates of their vehicles?

And really, who did Serdar Öktem meet in Bolu? Could it have been the triggerman Eray Özyağcı? Did the triggerman also stay in a highland in Bolu that night? Who organized that stay?



These questions are so critical...

All the answers are actually in the case file. However, the prosecutor writes none of them in the indictment. Naturally, we assume the crime of the detained defendant Serdar Öktem is "merely going to Bolu."


Everyone familiar with the investigation file knows that Serdar Öktem is the key and common link between the team in Istanbul that organized the moment of the murder and the team in Ankara that helped the triggerman escape.

Naturally... If you break that link, it’s as if you lay the diaries of people who seemed unaware of each other but played a role in the same murder right in front of us as an “indictment.” That is precisely what makes up the 145 pages essential for the trial.

What I mean to say is that Serdar Öktem’s “innocence” opens the door to the possibility that the murder was not organized.

Look, I'm not even getting into the 22 separate phone calls between Ufuk Köktürk, who sent money to the triggerman's leader Doğukan Çep, and lawyer Serdar Öktem. Nor am I discussing the WhatsApp messages exchanged and then deleted the day before the murder...

And even more strikingly...

The prosecutor writes that Serdar Öktem traveled to Bolu in a vehicle with the license plate "06 DB 7018." However, that vehicle does not belong to Öktem. Could it be that the suspect Ömer Şanlı was driving that vehicle? If so, why would the prosecutor make this “mistake”? Could it be intentionally done to avoid mentioning the name of the head of Ankara Ülkü Ocakları?

Many questions, yet no answers. But history has taught us time and again that the secrets you think you’ve hidden strike us right in the eyes.

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