A petition addressed to Erdoğan's conscience

19 Ocak 2024 Cuma

"I am writing this petition because I believe in our esteemed president's conscience, which I trust will not tolerate the injustice and lawlessness I have experienced and will surely hold those responsible to account."

This is how the three-page petition begins, bearing the signature of Hacı Murat Gülcan. Its story dates back to 2007.

That year, a company called "Tema Teknik" was established, aiming to provide services in construction, electrical, and mechanical systems including project management, engineering, consultancy, and contracting. It had three partners: Hacı Murat Gülcan, Sefa Özçelik, and Ali Ekrem Tekelioğlu.

According to Gülcan, behind the two other partners, there were other influential figures. Partner Ali Ekrem Tekelioğlu was the son of Abdullah Gül, the 11th President of Turkey's sister, and brother-in-law Mehmet Tekelioğlu. Although it was claimed that Tekelioğlu represented the Gül family in the company, Abdullah Gül denied these allegations.

The other partner of Tema Teknik, Sefa Özçelik, was the son of Abdurrahman Özçelik, a member of the State Audit Board (DDK) under the Presidency.

Now, the crisis among these partners has extended to the DDK. How so?

Hacı Murat Gülcan recently wrote a petition to the DDK, accusing member Abdurrahman Özçelik.

I quote verbatim the allegations in the subject section of the petition:

"1- Abdurrahman Özçelik, a member of the State Audit Board, and his son Sefa Özçelik embezzling millions of dollars of goods and money from our company,

2- Abdurrahman Özçelik pressuring judges due to the lawsuit I filed against his son Sefa Özçelik, which is valued at over 50 million USD,

3- Abdurrahman Özçelik’s son-in-law (Hüseyin Balta) threatening the neighborhood headman, as per his statement, and using his public influence to pressure the Üsküdar District Governor’s Office and a police officer, thereby attempting to strip me of my right to access justice,

4- Abdurrahman Özçelik leaving the terror file on his son at the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office Terrorism Branch pending for six years (2018/96455 S.no)..."


These were serious allegations. Gülcan emphasized again, without going into details: "Since October 2017, all our assets have been seized by DDK member's son Sefa Özçelik. Abdurrahman Özçelik is behind this seizure and plunder. Even though he doesn’t officially appear, he is personally involved in organizing the entire operation."

So, why did all this happen?

Again, according to Gülcan's claim in the petition:

"The sole reason the father and son did this was my objection to and resistance against fake invoice smuggling from the very beginning. In other words, while trying to protect public law, all my assets were seized by your public servant and his son, who wielded public power."


This striking accusation was also written in the petition submitted to the DDK:

"The money embezzled from our company by Sefa Özçelik was managed by someone who fled abroad due to allegations of being a FETÖ member. I have documented every second of how, after being imprisoned in Oman due to his alleged FETÖ membership, Sefa Özçelik helped him escape from prison and seek asylum in England. However, despite the official documents, the father suppressed the case for six years. The probability of the file being closed by the police is very high, but I provided so many official documents that they couldn’t close it, they just kept moving and hiding the file. Five prosecutors changed, but the file was never completed."

It is imperative to mention this here.

Hacı Murat Gülcan, who made this complaint to the DDK, was himself punished for "membership in FETÖ." The final decision will be given by the Court of Cassation.

Everything seems so intertwined. Let’s see if President Erdoğan, as Gülcan wishes, will hold the DDK member under his command accountable for these allegations...

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