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The details that cost Turkiye the semifinals

08 Temmuz 2024 Pazartesi

First, we need to thank 'Our Boys', who made us forget about the "heartless" price hikes in the country with their thrilling performances. From a football perspective, we lost our path to the final in the details. Coach Montella admitted, "Don't get hung up on the details," knowing he made late substitutions and brought in fresh forces like the fiery Semih, the ambitious Cenk, and Kerem too late. When Koeman made it clear he would defend a 2-1 lead, our Neapolitan should have said, "Call," because if we had played with the intensity of the last 8-10 minutes, including extra time, for 25 minutes, we would be in a completely different world today.

Speaking of details, a biased referee influences the game's outcome not only with the whistles he blows but also with those he doesn’t. He was stingy with yellow cards for the Dutch, and not sending off Simons was a crime against humanity. He stomped on Mert Müldür's ankle so hard! I won't even mention the penalty on Kaan. It seems that from Merih's "wolf gesture" punishment, the comment "They don't want these Turks" was derived. And indeed, they don't want us. A European country that imposes sanctions on Israel over Gaza, has a terrible economy, and maintains good relations with Russia is not their idea of a European country. Speaking of Merih, I believe this incident fired up the team, but the perception remained. I wonder if his teammates think, "If he hadn't made that gesture, we would have taken England in the semifinals and played the final against Spain."

And Euro 2024. It feels a bit orphaned, even abandoned! There's no host, and the alternative host Turkey is also out! When Germany was eliminated, bars and cafes emptied, and as we withdrew, they will have even fewer patrons.

Now, no one will pay 500-600 Euros for a 150-200 Euro ticket to watch a match. A few Dutch fans might add some color, but others will come to Germany match by match.

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