Divine Intervention

15 Aralık 2023 Cuma

A new addition has been added to our discussions, which are usually very instructive: "God's wrath." The other day, Hasan Bitmez, a member of parliament from the Felicity Party, criticized from the floor of the parliament the AKP's publicly denouncing Israel and seemingly defending the rights of the Palestinians, while sending shiploads of ammunition, weapons, and supplies to the Zionist state underhandedly, and said that if they continued like this, they would suffer the wrath of God. As Hasan Bitmez collapsed with a heart attack after saying these words, the following response came from the AKP benches: "This is what the divine intervention looks like."

It was not possible to identify who said these exact words, but it doesn't matter who said them. The question is: Why does this intervention fall on those who speak the truth?

Many years ago, they brought a lot of sociology books to the esteemed Taha Akyol. When I saw this, I called out to Taha Akyol: "Dear sir, these are the wrong kind of books. Do you want to know about our fate? The fate of a people like us, who have gone mad, who have gone astray, is not written in sociology books, it is written in holy books, seek advice from those."

Taha Akyol didn't say anything in return, he just laughed.


Indeed, Turkey's recent years have resembled the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The state of our unruly people who reproduce more than they produce, whose economy is based on plunder and looting, whose education has turned into an ignorant training engine and has declared its bankruptcy, whose agriculture has completely disappeared, and whose social life has turned into chaos, is now the subject of the holy books. 

It is inevitable that this society, utterly broken in every way, will often incur the wrath of God. Even those who remind us of this fact and warn us of the wrath of God are ignored and ignored by the majority of the people:

- What's the worst that could happen?

What more could happen? Look around you in the economy, in politics, in commerce, in the judiciary, in sports, in the arts, in any field, can you find a worse, more damning image than this? The terrible hypocrisy in Palestine incurs the wrath of God and the disgust of the righteous.


Even God must have been surprised at this point, for he could not have predicted this much. 

It's unsurprising, yet troubling, what happened to referee Halil Umut Meler, just another chapter in a series of chaotic events. Such incidents have occurred before and will likely happen again.

The "respected" president of a prominent club, previously involved in a similar situation, alarmingly remarked, "If I had my gun, I would have shot him," referring to a recent dispute.

Turkey now resembles an uncontrolled tribe in a state of frenzy. Signs of this decay are evident in every sector, yet alarmingly ignored. It might be wise to consult the holy books at this point. They often recount the destinies of wildly out-of-control tribes, and our fate might just be found in their pages. From politics to commerce, football to cinema, social media phenomena to the justice system, everything seems to be spiraling out of control.

The achievements and institutions of the Republic are being dismantled without establishing a new, viable order. Some might view the incident involving Hasan Bitmez, a Felicity Party deputy, as divine retribution. However, this raises a critical question: Why does this wrath seemingly target those who reveal the truth rather than the actual wrongdoers? It's crucial not to be misled into thinking that the corrupt escape accountability. Rest assured, justice will eventually find those truly responsible.

One cannot evade or outwit divine justice indefinitely.

I extend my condolences and wish divine mercy for Hasan Bitmez, who bravely exposed this hypocrisy.

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