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Asking Montella

25 Haziran 2024 Salı

In the 2024's European Championship, we suffered a heavy defeat against Portugal. In my childhood, we used to play friendly matches with them. Now, they dominate the global manager and player market. The absence of Arda Güler, who caught attention with his goal against Georgia, from the squad against Portugal surprised me.

I ask our coach, Montella: Why was this young player, who saved you in the previous match and is linked with Real Madrid, not in the starting eleven? Why did you take this risk, Montella? Did you receive some good news after the last match that made you take this chance? Why don't you answer?

Last year, the culling of our young players started with Jesus (football player) and continues with you. Why didn't Arda, a promising young talent, play this year? It is my duty to ask you these questions.

With 39-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo and 41-year-old Pepe in Portugal's starting eleven, your excuse doesn’t convince me.

The issue of giving and taking back training bibs and the attitudes displayed are also interesting. I don't think Montella had an attitude towards Arda in training; sometimes appearances can be deceiving. However, the fact that there is a disconnect between the coach and the players within the team is evident.

The Turkish National Team is once again in chaos. Despite this, I wish our National Team the best of luck against the Czech Republic, as they still have a high chance of advancing from the group.

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Asking Montella 25 Haziran 2024

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