UN chief urges probe into Gaza aid killings, calls for ceasefire

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, addressing the media in St. Vincent and the Grenadines ahead of a regional summit, declared the necessity of conducting an independent investigation into the tragic event in Gaza, where over 100 people were killed while waiting for humanitarian aid.

Publication: 01.03.2024 - 16:00
UN chief urges probe into Gaza aid killings, calls for ceasefire
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Guterres conveyed his shock and dismay at the incident, which adds to the harrowing toll of over 30,000 civilian casualties reported by Palestinian authorities since the conflict with Israel escalated on October 7.

The Secretary-General's remarks come amidst international concern and outrage over the incident, which underscores the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and the broader implications of the ongoing conflict. Guterres criticized the Security Council's inability to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire, attributing the failure to deepening geopolitical rifts that have exploited the veto power to stifle the council's actions.

Guterres asserted his firm belief in the need for a humanitarian ceasefire and the unconditional, immediate release of hostages. He stressed the importance of a proactive and effective Security Council capable of navigating the complexities of international diplomacy to achieve these critical objectives. This call for an independent investigation and a ceasefire reflects the UN's commitment to upholding international law and protecting civilian lives amidst the complexities of global conflicts.

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