Sunak's speech on UK 'extremists' sparks political backlash

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in a speech outside Downing Street, warned of a rise in extremist activities threatening the nation's democratic foundation.

Publication: 02.03.2024 - 11:29
Sunak's speech on UK 'extremists' sparks political backlash
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He specifically targeted participants of Pro-Palestine protests, urging the public to reject "extremist" influences. Sunak's comments, calling Islamists and far-right groups "two sides of the same extremist coin," have sparked backlash across the political spectrum.

Sunak criticized the election of George Galloway in Rochdale, attributing it to anti-Israel sentiments. Galloway, defending his election, argued it represented the electorate's will.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey and Labour MPs Richard Burgon and Nadia Whittome condemned Sunak's stance, supporting the right to peaceful protest and accusing the government of division. The 'Stop the War' group also criticized Sunak, accusing him and other political leaders of Islamophobia and being out of touch with public sentiment.

The address has ignited a debate on extremism, democracy, and the right to protest in the UK, highlighting deep divisions within its political landscape.

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