Stephen Hawking at the center of allegations involving underage girls

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is at the center of allegations in a case involving American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison under suspicious circumstances after being convicted in an 'organized pedophilia' case extending to the corridors of the White House. Among the court documents related to Epstein, an email was found where he allegedly bribed one of his underage victims to tell her friends that "the allegations are false." Hawking is notably implicated in these allegations.

Publication: 05.01.2024 - 17:08
Stephen Hawking at the center of allegations involving underage girls
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A 949-page report disclosed by the U.S. courts on January 3rd revealed that the former financier and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, offered money to his victims to deny claims that "world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking participated in a group sex event with underage girls."

According to the documents, Epstein offered money to the victims and their relatives to help disprove allegations that Hawking participated in such an event.

Maxwell, Epstein, and Bill Clinton


Court reports indicate that Epstein, in an email to his associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who was tried in the same case, inquired if any of Virginia Giuffre's friends, a survivor of pedophile attacks, could help disprove the allegations against Hawking.

Maxwell, a close friend of Epstein and a member of the British elite was convicted for arranging girls to be abused by Epstein and engaging in sex trafficking.


According to court records, Epstein wrote in his email:

"You can offer a 'reward' to anyone from Virginia’s friends, acquaintances, or family who comes forward and helps disprove the allegations. The strongest being a Clinton dinner and events in the Virgin Islands regarding Stephen Hawking's participation in a group sex party with underage girls..."


Official records show that the world-famous physicist was among those who visited Epstein's notorious prostitution island.

Photos depict the physicist, who died in 2018, visiting the island following a conference financed by Epstein on the neighboring St. Thomas island in 2006.

The Telegraph reports that Hawking was seen at a barbecue party and relaxing during the visit.


On January 3rd, 946 pages of court documents from a 2015 lawsuit filed by victim Giuffre against prominent British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell came to light. The case was resolved in 2017.

Currently serving a 20-year sentence for sex trafficking, Maxwell was the only person convicted from the group involved in the case. The names involved had been kept secret until now.


Hundreds of pages of documents released to the public in the Epstein case list former U.S. President Bill Clinton at the forefront, with other notable names including Naomi Campbell, David Copperfield, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Kevin Spacey, and Bruce Willis.

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