Putin to the West: 'Impossible to Defeat Russia'

Russian President Vladimir Putin boldly declared Russia's invincibility in the Ukraine conflict in a rare dialogue with Western media, the first since 2019. He also emphasized that Russia has no intention of invading Poland, quelling widespread concerns.

Publication: 09.02.2024 - 11:16
Putin to the West: 'Impossible to Defeat Russia'
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During the notable two-hour interview with American political commentator Tucker Carlson, Putin defended Russia's involvement in Ukraine since February 2022. Despite support for Ukraine from the US, Europe, and NATO, he stated that the West now recognizes the impossibility of defeating Russia. "There was much talk about delivering a strategic defeat to Russia on the battlefield. It seems they are now coming to realize how difficult, if not impossible, that is," Putin remarked.

Putin also addressed fears of Russia's military ambitions in Europe, specifically denying any plans to invade NATO members such as Poland and Latvia. "We have no interest in invading Poland, Latvia, or any other country. Why would we? It's mere fear-mongering," he asserted, noting that Russia would only confront Poland if attacked.

The Case of Evan Gershkovich

The conversation touched on the case of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter detained in Russia on espionage charges since March 2023. Putin hinted at a possible prisoner exchange involving Gershkovich and a Russian detained in a US-allied country, indicating ongoing discussions between Russian and American intelligence.

Additionally, Putin shared his views on the upcoming US Presidential election, suggesting that a change in leadership would unlikely affect Russia-US relations significantly.

This engagement with Western media by Putin offers direct insights into his stance on key geopolitical issues amid heightened tensions, providing clarity on Russia's military and diplomatic strategies.

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